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From humble beginnings on the River Trent in Stone, the club now ranks as the country’s No.1 in the Olympic Sport of Canoe Slalom.
The club’s initial success followed on from the West Midlands Centre of Excellence based at Stone between 1978 and 1982. Richard Fox became 5 times World Champion and Liz Sharman took the World crown on two occasions. Numerous other World Individual and Team medals were also gained by paddlers in this group.
From the 1990’s Stafford and Stone has excelled in the development of home grown junior paddlers. A significant number of talented juniors have progressed to represent Great Britain at Junior, under 23 and Senior World and European Championships. Many international medals have been won.
Seven past or present club members have competed at the Olympics including Laura Blakeman at Sydney 2000 and Lizzie Neave at London 2012. This years Olympics, Rio 2016, being no exception. Stafford and Stone Canoe Clubs Joe Clarke won Gold Medal for Great Britain in the Men’s Kayak event.
All three learnt to paddle with Stafford and Stone from an early age.
The club continues to attract new young paddlers, 2013—2016 have been particularly successful building on the Olympic legacy and the local interest generated by Lizzie’s and Joe’s inclusion in the Olympic Games, along with Adam Burgess, Jazz Royle and Chris Bowers on Team GB.
Looking forward to the next Summer Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020, the category of C1 women will be making its debut at these games.
Women’s Canadian Singles is a relatively new discipline in the sport, with Jasmine Royle currently representing Stafford and Stone Canoe Club on Team GB.
The club would like to encourage more current and new junior paddlers, both male and female, to try, learn and compete within the C1 category. C1 is a very different discipline to kayak and requires specific skills and technique.
Stafford and Stone wish to ensure our juniors have a broad experience of all slalom categories to give them the best opportunity to succeed. Thus attracting more local juniors to the sport from the local community. We hope to engage the new intakes of local junior paddlers with the broad spectrum of the sport which we hope, as previously shown, will give these young people the life skills to shape them into committed and successful young adults.
With this in mind we would need to purchase boats and equipment to facilitate this.
Stafford and Stone Canoe Club is run completely by volunteers who donate their spare time to support junior paddlers to learn the sport, not only that but we hope it teaches them important life skills such as teamwork, focus, commitment and that hard work can help you achieve your goals.

Stafford and Stone Canoe Club

Moment of Pride

I am proud to be part of Stafford and Stone Canoe Club because it gives so much support to nuturing local young people into successful young adults. The club is currently run solely by local volunteers, parents,paddlers, family & friends, donating their time to support juniors within our community

Location: Stone