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Funding level: Up to £1,000


We are a volunteer group who run a summer carnival and a winter christmas light parade this is our 49th year we work across two counties with the two local councils Llanedi Community council and Pontarddulais Town Council and we work with three local junior schools in the community and dozens of community groups. Our Christmas parade takes place on Friday 2nd December starting at 6pm. We arrive in hendy square at 6pm with Santa on a sleigh meeting the Local councillors of Llanedi Community council. Hendy school children will be there signing Christmas Carols with the Pontarddulais town brass band. Santa mingles around the green talking to the young children and then with the children they count down for the village green lights to be switch on. There will be approx 200 people at this location. Santa jumps on his sleigh and travelling through Hendy waving to families on their doorsteps and in their windows as the parade travels to Santas next stop at the Dulais Square in Pontarddulais. The dignitaries of Pontarddulais town council greets santa with approximately 700 people at the square at approx 6.25pm and a similar ceremony takes place here with the lights being switched on. The parade then moves to the next location in Pontarddulais, where Santa meets the children at Dantwyn square on Glynhir Road, where there will be approx 150 people waiting to help santa switch the tree lights on. After the lights get switched on her approx 6.50pm. The parade then travels to the Light House coffee shop, which is located and part of the Elim Community Church. there will be approx 100 people at the church waiting for Santa's arrival at approx 7.10pm our parade finishes at Elim Church but Santa continues his work visiting children at lots of different places. Whilst the parade is travelling around the community we as a committee build a grotto in the local St John's Hall and father Christmas will also be in his grotto from 6.15pm until approx 8.45pm where families go and queue all night to visit santa in the grotto. The grotto is upstairs in the St John's Hall and during the evening the St John's serve tea and cakes raising funds for the local St John's Ambulance organisation. Lots of children and families will go through the grotto during the evening. Our organisation works in partnership with lots of organisations and community groups such Canolfan y Bont, which is a community run learning centre. They run various groups there including some arts and crafts classes where they teach people to make christmas decorations and floral displays. The arts and crafts instructors and volunteers will be running lessons to build Christmas lanterns, which families and children will carry in the parade. last year 50 children made their own lanterns and walked in the parade. The craft instructors have started advertising for the Christmas lanterns making sessions. We as a carnival committee supply the materials for the lantern making sessions and the event is already advertised on several face book community pages including our our own face book page

here's a video link to our summer parade we don't have a video link of the winter parade

Pontarddulais and Hendy district festival committee

Moment of Pride

We are volunteer group who helps several other voluntary groups, we help bring the whole community together, twice a year over a thousand people will watch the christmas parade, turning up at one of the five locations that father Christmas will be attending bringing joy to the whole community

Location: Pontarddulais