Sport in the community

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Stamford Bridge Community Pool (SBCP) is run and funded by local volunteers to provide the opportunity for everyone to swim.It was founded in 1974 by parents following the tragic deaths of two children who drowned in the local river. The key objective was and is that every local child be given the opportunity to learn to swim .It took seven years to raise funds to build the pool helped by the local community.For the last thirty five years we have tried to ensure the safety of our children by giving them more swimming lessons from the time they enter reception to leaving junior school than any other state schools in the area.All this has been and is done without any funding support from the local authority,nor does SBCP receive funding from the local school.
At present the pool operating costs are c.£26,000 p.a.These are covered by hiring the pool out to swim schools and local organisations/people and by constant fund raising.
The pool has recently been refurbished with support of a grant from Sport England and others.However as with other pools there is an ongoing requirement for the replacement of major capital equipment e.g the boiler.
At present the pool is used by the local school three afternoons per week in term time and for three community swim sessions per week in addition to fourteen hours used by swim schools.
We would like to be able to extend the opening hours for the community by offering i.) 'mothers and babies' and ii) 'older persons sessions'.To open the pool we need a paid lifeguard and a community volunteer to act as a responsible adult.The cost of running these approximates to £10.00 per hour.And we would like to offer this extra two sessions per week for fifty weeks through 2017,giving a total cost of £1,000.
With the support of Aviva we could trial this for twelve months and if successful we could continue as an ongoing self funding activity.However,without this support we cannot take the financial risk of providing these sessions.
At present Stamford Bridge has a larger than average older population together with a potential increase in very young children (due to substantial new housing development) we feel that this facility could be used to improve the well being of both of these age groups.

PACT (Stamford Bridge Community Pool)

Moment of Pride

We believe as a village Stamford Bridge is unique is unique in having a swimming pool run by the community volunteers for use of the community .

Location: Stamford Bridge and surrounding villages, United Kingdom