Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Leapfrog Scheme is a programme for children aged 5-10 years living on the Wirral Merseyside who have witnessed or experienced domestic abuse within the family unit.

The aims of the programme are to help children: LEAP

Let children be "children" again
Encouragement towards understanding what healthy and unhealthy relationships are
Awareness of past experiences and subsequent behavioural issues that have occurred as a result of witnessing such experiences
Prevent and break the cycle of domestic abuse for future generations

The scheme provides a safe and neutral place for children to talk about their experiences with the support of the Domestic Abuse Support Workers. We provide snacks for the children as well as arts and crafts equipment that are used throughout the programme to say for example, draw or paint their feelings of what they have experienced and how it made them sad.

The funding would be used to support our 10 week block programmes including

• Room hire
• Support Workers' sessional time
• Arts & Crafts equipment
• Snacks & drinks
• Travel costs

Why Vote for our Project?

No person should be abused by a partner, let alone a child having to witness this and the impact it can have on a young mind.

Official Merseyside Police figures showed officers responded to 6,893 calls of domestic abuse in Wirral in 2014, and there have been five domestic abuse murders in Wirral since 2012. This will undoubtedly have a profound effect on children and young people who witness these harrowing scenes on their mothers and indeed physical / psychological effects on the children themselves. This has potentially long term effects on children and, at present, the Leapfrog scheme is the only established scheme on the Wirral to allow them to cope with what they have witnessed / experienced.

Without a statutory obligation to provide such a service, we believe it is still an essential service to change the acceptance of domestic abuse for our younger generation.

Your votes will help us to secure funding and allow us to continue a very worthy cause which many people tend to shy away from discussing, acting upon or simply do not realise what a hidden danger this is to young people. It will also raise the profile of what is often a hidden and unheard of danger and let us support our young people and help them to keep their childhood; something which the majority of us take for granted.

 Leapfrog is the only Wirral based programme that's run for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse.

 Leapfrog is a safe space for children and young people to talk about their experiences.

 We support both women and children and re build relationship and trust again.

Project Video


Moment of Pride

This project was due to close back in 2014 but with our support and backing from numerous grant making trusts we have continued this vital support to young people affected by domestic abuse within the family, enabling them to come to terms with behavioural issues as a result of what they witnessed.

Location: Merseyside, United Kingdom