Sport in the community

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Monkton Gymnastic club became registered with British Gymnastics 5 years ago and is well established. All children regardless of their ability are welcome; our aim is to promote the sport within the local community.We focus on local and international competition depending on the ability of the gymnast. Currently, there are 95 gymnasts aged 3 – 17 years all training to compete in competitions. They train 4 sessions per week, permitted by the stadium, with restrictions of an unsatisfactory floor. It has been a challenge for the coaches
to allow our gymnasts reach their full potential with the incorrect equipment. It is run by the head coach (Candice Slater) and a committee of dedicated parents. The club is going from strength to strength and have gymnasts that have competed at international level this year.

Our Head Coach is highly trained and had been a gymnast at Temple Park Leisure Centre from 4 years old. The highlight of her life was when she was selected to represent Great Britain in the European Championships in 2005 where she achieved 4th place. After that, she went on to winning Gold at the British Championships 3 years in a row. She was then selected to represent Great Britain in the World Games in China, 2009, where she brought home a ‘silver medal.’ She is now a highly qualified coach with lots of experience coaching children from 2 – 18 years. Her passion and aim is to introduce this sport to as many children as possible and to encourage them to become confident young gymnasts. It gives her great pleasure to see youngsters achieve new skills as well as observe and encourage possible potential in our area. We are very lucky to have her!

From 1 st December we will be moving into our own premises. We are very excited and enthusiastic about this venture as it will give our current gymnasts and new gymnasts the opportunity to train at the correct level and more frequently if required. This can only enhance their progress, develop new skills and friendships.

However, to achieve this we need to purchase a static sprung floor; this is paramount to protect the joints of our gymnasts and allow them to execute my difficult tumbles. We also need various other pieces of apparatus to equip our new gym effectively. The cost of the sprung floor is approximately £34000.

If Aviva community fund, would you consider making a donation to enable us to purchase items needed to allow our gymnasts to progress safely. You never know a British gymnast may come from our club in the future.

Monkton Gymnastics Club

Moment of Pride

As a parent representative of the club, this new exciting venture will create a lot more opportunities to get children into sport in the surrounding area in a specialist environment and benefit the existing gymnasts in the club whom very much need this equipment to enhance development potential.

Location: Jarrow