Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Our charity is a Family Centre based in the small village of Tumble. We support families with Children aged 0-11, who are disadvantaged by a number of issues including poverty, isolation, domestic violence, unemployment, lack of education. Staff are finding that deprivation may also take the form of loneliness that can have a great impact on many single parents, those with a new baby or stay at home parents. We are a free service that offers a warm and safe environment where children and their parents/carers can play, learn, socialize and have fun. The aims of the project are to develop at a local level the skills and nurturing capacity of parents/carers so that the well-being and life chances of their children are enhanced. We have supported over 400 families since opening.
The centre has worked hard to ensure we offer a range of activities that develop a range of skills and allow children to be creative and explore. The centre has a lovely big space outdoors however it is in desperate need of improvement. We try to encourage outdoor play however the garden is very water logged and we need several days of dry weather before we can use the outdoor space. In an effort to improve the space we have recently built a shelter to allow some of the ground to remain dry when it rains which will also serve as shade from the sun. However the ground is taking much longer to improve and whilst we can now use the space in the dry weather, we are still restricted when the weather is poor. We would like to improve the structure by adding decking/ paving under it, allowing us to use the space even in bad weather. We would also like to develop the shelter further by enclosing a second side of it, serving as further barrier from the weather.
Our play equipment is worn and weathered therefore in need of replacing. We currently have a wooden slide and swing set which has had to be reinforced to make it safe however it is unlikely it will last much longer. We have a hard plastic play frame which is unfortunately too small for the children to all play on, especially the children over 4 years old. This funding would allow us to replace the failing equipment with new, safer, sturdier frames that are suitable for all ages. This would brighten up the garden and provide an outdoor play opportunity.
Our garden is enclosed by a wooden fence to ensure the children’s safety. Whilst this is the main priority, the funding would allow us to paint the fence in bright vibrant colours & decorate it to entice the children further. This can also provide a learning base for colours, numbers and letters once decorated. Children will be encouraged to name the colours, find something else in the garden with the same colour etc. If the fence is decorated with numbers and letters, we can use the same method of learning to develop the children’s number and letter recognition. By adding colour to the outdoor space will also encourage other families to come and visit the centre who may not normally. The safe and secure outdoor space is appealing in the small village of Tumble, especially as the children and parents can benefit from the other activities run in the centre.
The project will also develop further with areas of the garden being dedicated to water play, messy play, exploration and construction. This is not possible currently with the damaged equipment and poor grass areas. Once improvements have been made to provide a solid flooring option under the shelter, the area can be used accordingly and to their full potential.
The funding would be put to great use, creating a wide range of play opportunities that will encourage and enhance a range of developmental areas in the children who use the centre, as well as improve health through an increase in outdoor play.

Tumble Family Centre

Moment of Pride

Tumble Family Centre has helped more than 400 families since opening. We have received great feedback from local professionals like head masters, teachers and health visitors as well as our families. Children thrive in taking part in our activities and parents receive a great deal of support.

Location: Tumble