Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The money will help fund a multi-use play area. We are at the final stages of raising the balance to fund the resurfacing and refitting of a nearby ball games area that has drainage problems and poor quality tarmac with a multi-use play area suitable for different activities, ages and abilities. This will provide space for free play, running, jumping, cycling and scooting as well as include markings for basketball, football, hockey, handball, cricket, volleyball and tennis. It will provide a durable and vandal-proof system with a hard-wearing and cost effective eco-surface suitable for a floodplain.

This will build on current momentum and support to ensure children from any background and circumstances will be able to enjoy equal access to quality playgrounds and to mix socially. Local children will have improved health and wellbeing through year round access to an exciting and accessible play area. Local residents will have an improved sense of community through delivering and using an improved community facility. Families will have improved health and wellbeing through spending more time outdoors and engaging with local community facilities.

1050 people will benefit from this project: 550 regular users of the facilities + 500 visitors during holiday season and local events.

People should vote as Lostwithiel is a small town of approximately 2,800 people in east Cornwall, which does not have an adequate play area for the resident and visiting children and young people. The town is in the bottom third in the rank of income deprivation (10,504 out of 32,482); and ranked in the bottom 15% of living environment deprivation (4,423 out of 32,482).
The town has also suffered significant flooding in recent years, which has galvanized local support but prioritised emergency repairs for many of the basic amenities and services. There has been little investment over the last 20 years in play facilities. Most of the current equipment is unusable, with many items having been already removed due to their unsafe condition. There is little free youth provision in the town, the tarmac ball games area is no longer fit for purpose and there are no free youth groups currently provided. There are no other Neighbourhood Play Areas for the 8-12 age group. The nearest equivalent community facility is Poltair Park in St Austell 8.4 miles away; but there are poor transport links with St Austell and other local areas, with no public buses and infrequent trains.
The need for the project has also been identified through wide-ranging public consultation with the local community. This has ranged from informal consultation at community events (Skate Park Event Autumn 2012, Lostwithiel Festival May 2013); a detailed ‘satchel post’ survey in Feb 2013 distributed to parents of children at the town’s two primary schools; and inviting feedback on concept designs in Feb 14 with 160 votes cast, mainly by local children. Our community project, within a ten minute walk from the town perimeters, will benefit all children, whilst encouraging parents to spend longer outdoors with their families and will provide a focal point for community interaction.

Lost In Play

Moment of Pride

Our community encourages children to play outdoors and wants to provide a stimulating alternative to video games/screen time. We want to provide a legacy with an expected life term of 25 years to encourage families to be outdoors and increase community cohesion for a small-scale town in a rural comm

Location: Lostwithiel