Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Every week throughout Dorset, police and hospitals find 'wanderers' ie dementia sufferers who wander off with little or no memory and often no means of identification. Unless they are found within a short period , they can come to serious harm.
This project seeks to use simple technology by enabling families of people with dementia, who may be at risk of wandering, to access bracelets from local community Carelines. The bracelet will be engraved with the telephone number of the Careline and a unique code which will identify the wearer to police, hospital or ambulance service.
The project is partially modelled on a similar scheme operating successfully in Torbay and would be a lower cost solution than GPS technology which has been trialled in other parts of the country.
The scheme for Dorset is in a pilot stage supported physically by local charity, Pramacare, with the encouragement of Dorset Police, Borough of Poole, Bournemouth Borough Council and Dorset County Council.
Publicity was given at a launch held at AFC Bournemouth attended by many dementia sufferers ( who enjoyed a trip down memory lane ) and their carers. (see photo attached ).
Whilst some funds have been raised from local businesses, Rotary and charities to enable the launch of the pilot, funding is needed to enable the scheme to be able to operate in the years ahead. Each bracelet will cost £20- £25 .The plan is for the bracelets to be recycled.
The scheme will enable people with dementia wishing to retain their independence and ability to engage with community life , to continue to do so knowing that a contingency plan is in place should they become lost or confused when in the community. Police records indicate this happens several times a week in Dorset currently and this number is likely to be vastly under-reported.
The belief is that the project will lessen the demand on Dorset Police who currently deal with reported incidents and also reduce the number of avoidable admissions to hospital through the ability to swiftly identify the family of a person that has been found confused in the community.
It is believed there are 800,000 to 1,000,000 dementia sufferers in the UK which increases annually. In Dorset the numbers are very high because of the aging and retired community.


Moment of Pride

The scheme will be run at no cost to Pramacare or tha Local Authorities and will increase the range of support available to carers of people with dementia, and address a common worry they have
I am so impressed with all the time and effort freely given to prolong the independence of sufferers.

Location: Dorset, United Kingdom