Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Somers Town Stories is community engagement for young people living on the Somers Town Estate near Kings Cross in Central London. In a community rich in history, many of the young people feel they don't have a voice. Working in conjunction with the local housing association, the team from Together We Create (TWC) want to give the young people a chance to reconnect with their community.

Over a six week period during the summer of 2015, the team from TWC will train the young people how to capture their own stories and the stories of the estate as a whole. By learning how to create questions, interview and film local resident, the young people will create a number of films capturing the Somers Town Stories. Not only will this project bring the community together, it will raise the profile, self esteem and confidence of the young people living on the estate.

At the end of the project the young people will host a film screening for their local community. Everyone will be invited and there will be tons of popcorn to share! The young people will learn how to organise an event, market the event and produce the films. The development of these key skills will help the young people plan more events for their community once the Somers Town Stories project comes to an end.

Together We Create has been working with young people and their communities for over five years. The TWC team has collaborated with over 7,500 young people since the charity was founded. As a charity we are inspired by great ideas, fantastic young people and lovely tea.

Together We Create

Moment of Pride

The young people we have met from Somers Town are amazing. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have lots of stories to tell. They want their community to be a better place. They want to share their stories and hear from others. Above all they want to be film stars!

Location: London