Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The Port Victoria Boxing club has been run on a voluntary basis for the past 45 years and has grown in that time to include more members of the local community of all ages, gender and fitness. The last club we had was not fit for purpose and due to an appeal for help we are now in a larger building that was last renovated 35 years ago. It need everything from dry rot, raising damp eradication to toilets and a kitchen, windows and the building being made fit for purpose. We are also trying to get disable assess to the front of the building so that all of our community can use the building and its facilities.
Our project is to renovate and upgrade our current facilities. However to ensure our building can be utilised by the community we require an outdoor lift and ramp access to be installed. Our general aims/goals for our projects are to promote social inclusion and health and wellbeing.
This piece of work will allow the club and sport to develop and grow within the authority however our main focus is to develop additional community engagement programmes.
At present we offer/support:
• Competitive and participation coaching/training-up to and including professional level.
• General fitness sessions including women and children only sessions.
• The local community police and social workers department, delivering a youth diversion activity group.
• Support a secondary schools boxing club in partnership with our local active schools team.
At present our club is open for a few hours 5 days a week however 6 hours for 7days would be possible if we are able to get our planned work completed.
Once the work has been completed our building/facilities will be full accessible to the local community which will allow us to offer additional social and physical activity programmes.
One of our key programmes will focus on providing non-contact boxing inspired fitness training to help improve the quality of life for people battling Parkinson’s disease. (
We have already renovated and allocated a room for a local pensioners group however the additional access/upgrades will allow people with restricted mobility access to the facilities as well.

All works carried out will allow the club to develop and offer more to the community. However our community/social based activities such as mother and toddles, Fighting Parkinson’s Group and OAP sessions will allow the club to more accessible and utilise by the wider community.
Groups we are working with
• Local council.
• Police & social work department.
• Sportscotland
• Boxing Scotland
• Active Schools & Sports Development team (ASSD).
• Local Parkinson’s Group
• Local Schools (ASN, Secondary & Primary).

Port Glasgow Victoria Boxing Club

Moment of Pride

I am so proud of this club in its focus on the community and in its aim for the social inclusion of all regardless of age, gender, skill set and sector with in the community. We have a great club and as we grow so does our commitment to our community.

Location: Port Glasgow