Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


The project is the final stage of the transformation of an existing play area into the most exciting and inclusive play area in Preston for children of all ages and abilities. The play area will become a 'destination play area' in Moor Park; Preston's oldest, largest and most well known and loved park. Moor Park is a Grade II* listed and QE2 Fields in Trust protected site.

Whilst refurbishing a number of local play facilities across the City it has become apparent from feedback received at consultations that there is a need for specialised play facilities for disabled children to integrate and enjoy active play with other children.

We aim to provide a fully accessible play facility, which is the most extensive and inspiring of its type in Preston. This will be sited in Preston's most central and accessible Park. Currently there is little specific provision for disabled children in City Council play areas and due to its size, central location and good vehicular and public transport access and also its close proximity to Sir Tom Finney School for disabled children makes Moor Park the ideal venue to integrate play for children with disabilities with a generally accessible facility.

In the case of Moor Park play area, community consultation showed that over 55% of respondents valued a play area as the most important factor of their enjoyment in the park, but also said the existing facility was most greatly in in need of improvement.

The provision of a major multi purpose item of specially adapted inclusive play equipment will remove the feeling of 'empty' space within the current playground and give a new iconic focus and attraction to Moor Park. A centrally sited carved chainsaw art bench that the Friends group have developed, that currently, but intentionally only temporarily, occupies the space, will be sensitively relocated to the edge of the play area if we were lucky enough to secure the funding.
The facility will meet the needs of children, young people and families of all backgrounds and abilities.

The project will provide;

• Improved health benefits through play and exercise in greenspace – providing physical, cognitive and emotional benefits.

• Improved social benefits – improved interaction and friendships of disabled and non disabled children and their families.

• Improved environmental benefits – provision of a vibrant and inspirational play facility that improves the aesthetic landscape value of the play area and sense of place.

The play equipment will cater specifically for children with disabilities and promote integrated play amongst children of all abilities.

Moor Park serves wards that are very ethnically diverse. The wards it serves also contain significant deprivation, garden space is also very limited in lots of the nearby terraced housing in Deepdale. The destination play park will provide a safe and exciting place for children, parents, grandparents and carers to utilise.

The Friends of Moor Park Community Group and the local schools including Sir Tom Finney special educational needs school are supporters of the project and have been trying to secure funding in partnership with Preston Council since 2012.

The investment would be spent on a new, robust, large key item of inclusive play equipment and safety surfacing that is specially designed for use by children with disabilities with additional inclusive items to increase the play value of the site.

Friends of Moor Park

Moment of Pride

The project will significantly improve wellbeing and health outcomes of children, including those with disabilities, and their families.
The Friends group are a small dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly and selflessly to improve Moor Park for the good of the community.

Location: Preston