Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000

Submitted by: Aegis Financial Consultants


Our project is to develop the boat yard into a cultural centre for the town, giving the local community a sense of pride and respect for the vast historic naval history of the town whilst giving the youth , unemployed and retired members of the community the ability to learn new skills , develop themselves and provide a sense of achievement and meaning in their life.
The boat yard is dire need of renovation with electric, water and sewerage systems needing to be installed, whilst we have applied for the maximum amount available under this kind gesture by Aviva we can tailor our development to the amount we are granted should we be lucky to be given any amount.
Pembroke Dock has a relatively short lived history as a town but within that history a considerable amount was achieved at one point it had the biggest sea plane base in the world, it was one of the most heavily bombed towns in Wales in World War 2 and the royal dockyard built royal yachts, numerous warships, merchant ships, submarines and even the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars films!
Unfortunately with the closure of the Royal Dockyard and the armed forces leaving the area the town has since been portrayed with an image of high unemployment, low wages, a reputation in the county for crime (although we believe incorrectly) and is listed as a deprived area by Europe.
The heritage was set up in 1984 to be to retain the knowledge and skills that were developed and learnt when the town was a major shipbuilding dockyard and give the community back a sense of pride in what the town stood for and who they are.
The Maritime Heritage’s provides a number of positive impacts on the local community by: -
1. Providing the retired community a sense of worth and belonging in the community through their ability to being able to pass on their skills and knowledge to the younger generations and providing them with a comradery that they have lost since retiring.
2. Providing unemployed people with a focus to learn new skills, giving them a sense of worth, allowing them to build their confidence and their perception of themselves to re-enter the job market.
3. Engaging with the youth of the town, getting them off the streets, giving them an interest in life, educating them in the history of the town, its achievements and giving them a sense of pride and encouragement to make something of themselves by teaching them the skills and knowledge of their ancestors.
4. To enable all ages to experience the past through repairing, launching and sailing the old boats.
5. A number of the boats that are worked on and kept seaworthy are of National Historical importance are listed on the National Small boats Register which we all have a responsibility to maintain for future generations to able to enjoy our Islands history.
6. To teach younger generations the joy of sailing, the expertise required and also how to remain safe whilst at sea and how to act and remain safe by the sea.
7. To allow people with disabilities to take part in repairs to these boats (giving them a sense of normality, just wanting to be treated like everybody else with no special favours) whilst allowing them the freedom to experience the open sea makes them feel special.

The community get a sense of achievement from our project because they actually get to work on the project ..... then to actually feel and live the project when we take them out on the waters

West Wales Maritime Heritage

Location: Pembroke Dock

Proud that the project is celebrating the history of the town and that the organisation is giving the local community a sense of pride in their roots and history of the area and that it is engaging with all people from across a broad age range which their time is given for no charge
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