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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Vote for PBP to secure its future and that of its three feeder swimming clubs, in the communities of Pwllheli, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Porthmadog. PBP provides these communities with the only viable pathway into competitive swimming locally and the prospect of success at a national level.

PBP was set up to deliver advanced level training, early morning swim sessions, increased swimmer pool time and to affiliate local swimmers. PBP began in November 2013 with Council backing (for twelve months). Our pricing had to align with other clubs in the region and although we are now self funding, we are not generating a meaningful surplus. These factors now govern our expansion.

PBP is a sixteen month success story. We started out with 13 swimmers, PBP now supports a membership of 40. We attend swimming meets throughout Wales. This year 20 swimmers went through to the Regional competition and four of them qualified for finals in the Welsh Nationals in Swansea!

PBP currently takes forward swimmers from the non affiliated Council run clubs, however due to the success of PBP and a change in policy the Council wishes now to transfer these leisure centre run clubs to the stewardship of PBP.

Our biggest outgoing is pool time with lanes needing to be booked in advance in blocks of 10 weeks. Taking over the pool time currently occupied by the community based clubs is high risk for such a young under resourced club.

In 2014 the Council offered their Porthmadog club to PBP, but with low swimmer numbers here and PBP's limited financial recourses, we couldn't bridge the income/outflow gap, or provide a coach. This club was closed in December 2014! With Aviva support we will introduce a new club in Porthmadog. It will require finance and time to build a strong club that is self funding; however Porthmadog is the largest of our three communities. We will train parents to help poolside as coaching support but in the short term an additional coach will need to be introduced.

With this PBP expansion, there would now be club level PBP, run alongside PBP squad. We would now have 100 plus swimmers affiliated and able to compete, some 60% more than now! We believe with Aviva's support we can guarantee a sound future for these clubs, we can expand access to this sport and in doing so secure the future of PBP squad!

Ioan Hughes is an 11 year old from Blaenau Ffestiniog who joined PBP as an original member in November 2013. Ioan began swimming in Blaenau club and showed talent from a young age - winning races in the only competition available to him at the time, racing against other leisure centre swimmers from Pwllheli and Porthmadog! Since joining PBP Ioan has gone on to win many events and medals in meets across North Wales. This year he qualified to swim in Swansea at the National Championships in 9 events. Everyone in PBP was very proud when Ioan came first in the final of the 1500m freestyle (for 12 year olds)! First in Wales! Ioan's story and success has inspired other PBP swimmers who are demonstrating increased levels of commitment and dedication in their training. He is not alone in providing an example but is a figurehead for our achievements to date.

The time table for change would be as follows: first the transfer of the Pwllheli Club to PBP stewardship in the summer of 2015, once stable then the transfer of the Blaenau Club. We believe both clubs will have re-adjusted within three months and be financially stable. Then will follow the new Porthmadog club, opening in Oct/Nov 2015 we believe that it will be self funding in approximately twelve months.

The coaches in the Pwllheli and Blaenau clubs will remain unchanged making their transition seamless. We all work as a team, supporting each other across the communities, this alongside our enthusiasm and proven commitment, has been the reason for our success and the catalyst for starting PBP.

PBP stands for Pwllheli, Blaenau, Porthmadog it is our LOGO

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PBP; three areas of deprivation. three communities helping and supporting each other whilst working together. Swimmers building friendships and team spirit; developing self esteem, fitness, learning and confidence. Every swimmer develops a sense of personal achievement and belief, celebrated by PBP.

Location: Porthmadog