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Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


"I love the group, it's been a huge support to me. It's the first time in my parenting journey that I've felt comfortable at a group and found like mined parents. Even though I've felt incredibly low the last month or so I've still wanted to come, even when I've not wanted to go anywhere else. The group is a credit to you and the other volunteers who make everyone so welcome"

Burton and Swadlincote Natural Parents is a community group based in Burton upon Trent. We offer weekly meets where we provide support and friendship for parents who choose to parent in a natural and attached way. Currently we hire out parenting resources at an affordable rate like baby carriers, cloth nappies, breast pumps, and more.

The most positive thing about our group is that we can provide support and help for tired and anxious parents and support them to get their hands back by hiring them a sling. I always feel proud when I see the look of relief on a new mums face when her baby falls asleep in the sling for the first time and she is able to get a cup of tea and rest for what may be the first time in weeks.

I started this group two years ago to meet like-minded families, now we have outgrown our venue as our services increased and our popularity has grown, we average 15 families a session and help many people in between meets. It is time for us to realise our dream project to open Raising Rainbows, a hub for families with small children to come and relax and play in a safe and stimulating environment.

With the combined skills of the current 6 volunteers including Building Management, Occupational Therapy, Early Childhood Studies, Store Managers, over 15 years of breastfeeding experience, and bags of enthusiasm we would like to open a centre which would include;
• A café serving delicious locally sourced cake, quality beverages and a simple menu of popular choices for parents feeding small children.
• A large open play area with stimulating and imaginative toys to keep children entertained and parents can relax in a comfortable environment.
• A shop selling natural and homemade products and providing hire services.
• A studio for groups to take place like sensory play, music and movement, breastfeeding support, and post-natal depression support groups.
• A therapy room for parent support groups and classes like post-natal depression support groups and baby massage.

Our town is lacking in support for parents, there is a decrease in statutory services being provided as the local children's centres have had their budget cut and have therefore cut the services they provide, leaving parents in some of the most deprived wards in the borough with little support and a place to go to get much needed interaction whilst children can play safely.

We have found a venue for our project that suits our requirements with the yearly rent of £8000+VAT, and the additional costs like registering as a CIC, business rates, insurance, health and safety regulations and solicitors, we are left with around £10,000 for fitting out, equipment, additional training that we feel would benefit the centre and a contingency fund. We hope to make ourselves sustainable by generating income from the café, play area and shop, hire fees, and charging outside classes for room hire – community groups will be free. This project is at the centre of our hearts right now and we are determined to be up and running in 2015, if we secured the £25,000 funding we would have a clear and concise business and action plan ready to get started straight away.

We hope that Raising Rainbows will become a hotspot for parents in the local area to meet up with friends, make use of our services and take part in our activities. People should vote for us because we are providing somewhere which promises to be a nurturing environment that is stimulating for the whole family, provides support for positive mental health in parents and offers services that aren't currently available

Burton & Swadlincote Natural Parents

Location: Burton upon Trent

We are proud that our community group gives a supportive network that enables parents to grow in confidence and strengthens bonds between parent and child. We are helping parents to raise their children as individuals to be respected, children who are full of colour. We are all raising rainbows!
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