Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Swallows of Helston is a gymnastic club from West Cornwall with approximately 350 members, ranging from around 6 months old to adults, the majority of which are from Helston and the surrounding area. A broad range of classes are run weekly, incorporating all ages, at recreational, display and competitive levels. The club operates a full school Key Step support coaching programme at local primary schools, with a number of schools choosing to attend the club for gym sessions. We also offer classes for teenagers and adults.

Our vision is for Swallows of Helston to have a Dedicated Gymnastics Centre, to enable us to continue and to expand the gymnastic opportunities we already provide. We envisage that this Dedicated Gymnastics Centre would be used as a venue by other local clubs and organisations, enabling us to provide innovative multi activity opportunities for the whole community.

Our Project

To the rear of our building is a large open space which for many years has been overgrown with brambles. This area is also our rear fire exit and although we have just about managed to keep a path clear to the assembly point it; has been less than ideal. (see photos)

With the help of a local volunteer JCB digger company and driver we have now completely cleared this area. We would now like to cultivate this area and prevent the brambles and weeds from growing back and to make this a usable area for community events throughout the summer.

Over the past 14 months the club has had to pay for expensive repairs such as new warm air heating and roof repairs which has left us without any spare funds for further work. We would be most grateful if Aviva Community Fund could help us with this project.

We would like £1000 to build a BBQ and patio area, heavy plant hire for cultivating the land, seeding and picnic tables. By returning this disused land to a child and family friendly grassed area we can hold gymnastics displays, fetes and fairs open to the whole local community. It would be a fantastic help as we believe that our terrific young gymnasts and coaches deserve a better and safer environment.

Swallows of Helston Gymnastics Club

Moment of Pride

We are a local charity providing gymnastics for all ages in the West Cornwall area. We are very proud of all our young gymnasts and our volunteer coaches. We love to see our young gymnasts progress through the proficiency levels and go on to become volunteer coaches and train the new young members.

Location: Helston