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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Friends Association of Bramley Sunnyside Schools (FABSS) was established by parent volunteers of Bramley Sunnyside Infant School and Bramley Sunnyside Junior School, in 2007. Our aims are to advance the education of pupils and develop community links. We wish to develop an effective relationship between the staff, parents, children and the community and provide engaging activities, facilities and equipment which support the school and the wider community.
Bramley Sunnyside Infant (BSI) and Bramley Sunnyside Junior (BSJ) are separate schools with approximately 640 children between them and FABSS fundraises for both schools. After recent donations to both schools to develop their outdoor area, we are planning further improvement of the outdoor space which is shared. Both schools have expressed a wish for some shade on the school field, in the form of a gazebo, which is permanent and in keeping with recent developments. Shade on the school field would not only benefit the children in both schools but would help the local youth football teams who also use the field every weekend.

FABSS would like to continue to support the schools’ wish to continue the development of the outdoor area by providing a facility which enables children to make full use of the school field. The field is a large area which would be used more in the summer months if there was an area for children to shade from the sun and cool down. The school field is also used at weekends by Bramley Sunnyside Junior Football Club, who runs grassroots football training sessions for children aged 4 to 7. For Bramley Sunnyside Junior FC the school field provides an ideal location as it is an enclosed environment, so free from dangers such as broken glass & dog fouling that open recreation areas may present. They have said that a shaded area would greatly enhance this facility, providing an area where children can take a break from the sun during the best of the weather, as well as somewhere to keep dry should the rain come down.
The benefits of a shaded area to the school children and Bramley Sunnyside Junior FC are threefold.
Firstly, there is the prevention of skin cancer. A shade structure will provide protection from exposure to UV radiation and therefore risk of over exposure and sun burn. With the rise in skin cancer over the past few decades, the prevention of this is paramount for the school and parents of the children who attend the school and the weekend football. Break times, lunchtimes and most PE lessons and after school clubs, as well as weekend football take place between peak sun intensity, when the UV light is strongest, between the hours of 10am-4pm.
Secondly, there is the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Lifelong physical activity patterns are often developed in childhood and a shaded area would enable both schools and weekend football to extend the periods of physical activity, with the aim of instilling the importance of a healthy lifestyle in our children. We would hope this would then reduce the risk of heath related illnesses, obesity and social well-being.
Lastly, a gazebo would provide an additional exciting learning environment for children. Children learn everywhere and all of the time and would be able to experience a broad variety of learning experience and opportunities to grow in areas such as gross and fine motor skills, social and emotional development, language development and creative expression.
FABSS would like to continue to support the schools’ and the football clubs desire with regards to physical education and healthy lifestyles, as being part of the community we have a stake in protecting the community’s children and adolescents from skin cancer and health related diseases.

Friends Association of Bramley Sunnyside Schools

Moment of Pride

FABSS is a unique friends of group who fundraise for two seperate schools by a handful of parents. We all strive to promote a sense of community and lasting memories. Volunteers from Bramley Sunnyside FC give up there time, rain or shine, every weekend for training and matches

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