Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The 28th Ayrshire is a long established Scout Group (first registered in 1909). Currently the Group has 220 Young Members led by 26 Adult volunteers. the Group has owned it's own HQ building for 50 years. Recently the Group has been given a 25 Year Lease by South Ayrshire Council of a building adjacent to it's own HQ formerly known as Troon Youth Centre. The Group intends to make full use of the new building to be designated Troon Scout & Community Centre. One reason for the Council granting the Lease and off loading responsibility for the building to the Scout Group was to remove all costs associated with the building for the next 25 years.The Scout Group has undertaken to make the building available to all sections of the local community and for the past 9 months since taking on the premises has seen weekly use by Troon Youth Club (50 members all of primary S7 age), Rainbow Guides, Brownie Guides and Guide Section ( a total of 60 girls). Adult Art Classes are run by Troon Leisure Classes on two days each week attended mainly by elderly/retired persons (24 in number). A Yoga Class takes place on 1 morning each week. Access to Employment operated by an offshoot of the Council provides advice and assistance to young (and not so young) persons on a weekly basis making use of our computer suite and a group of adults with special needs meet on a Friday afternoon under guidance from Social Workers. In addition the Scout Group uses the building on 2 evenings per week . The Scout Troop in particular welcome the additional space and facilities as our own original building is not large enough to cope with 60 Scouts at a time. Using the new Scout Centre and our own hall plus surrounding grounds allows the Scout Leaders to run multiple activities (such as Archery, computer studies, cooking, fire lighting and so on on a Friday evening with our Cub Scouts doing similar activities appropriate to their age range on a Thursday.

An office within the building is used by Scottish National Scout HQ as a base for a development commissioner whose role is to develop Scouting in other parts of Ayrshire.

Occasional lets are made for community groups needing somewhere to hold their AGM and to individuals looking to hold Children's Birthday parties.We have been able to assist a Youth Dance Troupe and a Brass Band on occasion and seen a Flower arranging class and temporary photo studio make use of parts of the building.

Weekend including overnight use is available from time to time to other Scout Groups and Guide Companies.

The Hall is not yet used to it's full capacity and we are keen to see even more community Groups join with us.

We were aware before taking on the lease, following a Building Condition Report and from the evidence of our own eyes that much work needs to be done to improve the building and bring it to an acceptable standard. In particular the following:-

Replace rotten windows on ground floor
Re fit kitchen
Refit Ladies Toilets
Repair damaged wall linings
Redecoration throughout
Replace decayed timber doors
Up grade lighting system in main hall
Replace worn and grubby floor coverings throughout

We have a plan of action to deal with these various defects and know that it will take several years to have all the works done. During that time we intend to keep the hall open for use with as little disruption as possible.

Initial works have been costed at a sum of £8000 and we are looking for a contribution towards that sum.We have a sum of £5,000 in our own funds ready to use.

28th Ayrshire (Troon) Scout Group

Moment of Pride

As Group Scout Leader I take great pleasure in watching our young members grow and develop over the years to become responsible citizens and to do so within the framework of the Scouting Programme. Sharing with and helping other people within our community is very much a part of Scouting.

Location: Troon