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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Ilkley Jazz Festival is only in its infancy as a yearly event, last year was our first year.
The Jazz festival is intended to be self sufficient through ticket sales for the professional performances,

Our objectives are to give local people the opportunity to join in at every level, to do this we have various free events:
Jazz workshop
Songwriting masterclass
Jazz jam session
Local community band booked for the festival
And of course as an audience!

The educational events are open to all ages and musical abilities and free.

This year we are growing to a 3 day festival with headline artists already booked for the main hall, preceding these events we will be holding our free educational events.
There will be a full day of music on the Sunday and local businesses are taking part in the Fringe aspects of the festival.

The Song writing master-class is to be run by Grammy nominated Duncan Lamont who has also had a top ten hit with has songs sung by Natalie Cole.
The workshop will be run by two local musicians (the same ones as last year)
The Jam session is planned for late Saturday for amateur local musicians to perform with professionals.

For the full details of the festival please visit:

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Ilkley Summer Festival not for profit ltd co

Moment of Pride

Last year we were in direct competition... And we won.
Last year the summer festival had four different days of music and jazz came out as the most popular, due to the hard work of those involved and the variety of events we could put on in a day.
This year we have even more activities for all.

Location: Ilkley