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Speakers who are experts in Post-Polio Syndrome and the late effects of Polio will provide information on these debilitating conditions and how to lessen their impact. The speakers will be Professor Gareth Williams, Professor of Medicine and author of books on the subject, Bristol University; Elaine Figgins, Director, Biomedical Engineering Dept, Strathclyde University, Glasgow; Jane McClenaghan, Nutritionist. There are 120,000 survivors of Polio in the UK and it has been found that a large proportion of these people are having to live with the effects of Post-Polio Syndrome, which is somewhat like a recurrence of the disease producing muscle weakness, pain, breathing difficulties, tiredness etc. Because the last outbreak of Polio in Northern Ireland was in 1982 those who are living with the effects of the disease in the Province are mostly in their middle to late years. Because Polio left sufferers with paralysed limbs and very often breathing difficulties many are now wheelchair bound or having to wear braces of various sorts to be able to get about. Of course the fact that there have been no recent cases due to the vaccination programme means that there is little concentration on this condition and therefore little publicity about what is a serious problem for lots of Polio survivors.
Our Information Day is an attempt to bring professional knowledge and advice to Polio survivors to help them cope with daily living. We also believe it will help to educate the medical and pther caring professions in addition to the wider public.
The Day is being organised for the 4th June 2015 in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Gasworks, Ormeau Road, Belfast. It will start at 10.00 am and finish at 4.00 pm. It is open free of charge to members of the Northern Ireland Polio Fellowship and any polio survivor who may not be a member of the Fellowship. Other disabled people and members of the caring professions will also be welcome.
Invitations to attend will be issued to Polio survivors in England, Scotland and the Irish Republic after Easter 2015.

Northern Ireland Polio Fellowship

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Polio survivors are a very resillient group of people who in the main just get on with life despite the hardship of often serious disability and through the fellowship have engaged in self-help. This project will help to provide information to assist daily living.

Location: Belfast