Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We will use your support to tackle three urgent issues in our community - with one project.

1. POVERTY - The number of people living in our communities who cannot afford to eat nutritious food has doubled every year since 2012*. In Frome the number of users of the local foodbank has also doubled in the last year.

2. FOOD - Despite this fact, over 50%** of the food we produce is thrown away every day.

3. UNEMPLOYMENT - in addition, 16.2%*** of young adults are unemployed - most of them looking for ways to learn skills, get experience and work.

Over a period of 8 weeks, we will work with a group of 10 diverse, unemployed young adults to set up and run a community cafe that uses food waste and surplus from local businesses to produce nutritious food. The food will be available by donation for people who struggle to afford eating well.

The young adults will lead on all aspect of setting up the project: creating a business plan, building and designing the cafe space, liaising with local food producers and retailers to collect food waste and surplus. They will work with people who are most in need, and will organise and run the cafe during a month-long “Community Food Festival”.

The 10k award will cover all costs involved in setting the cafe up, project workers to train and support the young adults and other volunteers, and running the cafe during the Community Food Festival. Working in partnership with other local organisations and charities, we will ensure that the initiative will continue to run sustainably after the Community Food festival, by recruiting volunteers and covering ongoing cost by donations. We have already identified a venue for the cafe and have a good understanding of the costs involved. The outcomes of the project will be:

10 YOUNG ADULTS - will gain enterprise, employability and cooking skills, working in a team to set up a real community enterprise with our support. They will also gain valuable networks and the support to start-up their own project idea.

550 PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE to afford nutritious meals will be able to eat better, meet new people and some also get the opportunity to be part of the project by volunteering. Hence, their health and wellbeing will be improved, and younger and older people in our community will get the opportunity to meet.

FOOD WASTE will be reduced, making Frome a more sustainable town. Our vision is that this project contributes to eradicating food waste locally, and that everyone has access to the nutritious food they need.

A SUSTAINABLE LEGACY the project will create a long term legacy through kickstarting the community cafe which will become self-financing. This will be done through generating income to cover costs through donations and working with volunteers and a local special needs school to support the cafe. We know from popular pop up cafe events in Frome, some of which used food-waste, that this approach will be well supported.

Why should people vote for us?
Because this is an ambitious project, tackling urgent issues in Frome. Edventure Frome has a track record of creating long-term sustainable community projects and enterprises in a similar way. For example, we have worked with groups of diverse, unemployed young adults to set up a community venue, a catering business, a community garden, and a sharing shop. 83% of young adults who take part set themselves up as self-employed or find work afterwards with our support.

At the same time, similar projects that combine food waste with a community cafe have been successful in other UK towns (such as the Bristol Skipchen), and we will build on their experience and advice.


Edventure Frome Community Interest Company

Moment of Pride

We are proud of this project because it addresses different urgent problems our town faces, a win-win scenario for all involved. It will also be another example of effective, community-led partnership working, linking with Frome Town Council, local charities and the food bank.

Location: Frome