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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Children’s Garden Project – The Future is in Their Hands

Help us to transform a slice of muddy grassland into a sense-provoking and fun outdoor play space and garden where preschool children can learn, play, explore and interact with their environment.

We are a registered charity that provides early years education and care to children aged 2-4 years in Mattishall and the surrounding villages.

We aim to create an inspiring play based sensory environment for the children attending Mattishall pre-school group and allow them to directly connect with the growing environment. We are working with a local volunteer gardener to design an outdoor space to capture the children’s imagination. We have set ambitious play based goals to provide an awareness of the natural environment and learn how fruit and vegetables grow.

The project will also positively connect with parents, carers and grandparents through open days, interaction with the children, the opportunity for plants to be taken home and the availability of advice and mentoring on edible growing from one of the projects volunteers. There are currently approximately 30 pupils aged 2-4 years so the project has the potential to reach and impact around 100 people in the local community straight away and since this will be sustainable garden, the opportunity to reach many more in the coming years.

Firstly we will provide an area of fencing for safety and then develop a multi-functional pagoda style shelter with lots of things to do and see. This will provide shade from the sun on warm days and shelter in the wet weather making this a garden to be enjoyed all year round. Interest will be added in the form of mobiles, wind charms, nesting boxes and mirrors. This will be stimulating with little areas for the children to play and explore as well as for growing an edible covering. Teaching the children that grapes don’t just come from a supermarket and that strawberries hung from buckets can be so enticing. What computer game ever matched the taste of your first handpicked strawberry?

Next we will introduce soil for raised beds, various fruits trees, plants for colour, taste, scent and above all for being edible. The aim is to engage all the five senses, providing practical experience in growing and then eating. However, without any tools this is very difficult to achieve, so we will also provide a range of appropriate and child-friendly gardening tools and equipment to allow the children to become really involved in their garden.

Finally we want to introduce things for fun that are engaging and stimulating. We are planning to include a water feature, buckets of graded stones and multi-coloured stepping stones. These will allow the children to be challenged and to learn by new experiences and by using their senses and imagination, or to simply watch in wonderment as water flows or a wind chimes peal.

Please help us to make this vision a reality by voting today.

Mattishall Pre-School

Moment of Pride

We take pride in the care we provide to local children and in our attitude that every child matters. We welcome families from all walks of life and all backgrounds into our preschool. We value every individual child for who they and every volunteer for the help they give.

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