Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Who Are Phoenix Theatre Company?

Phoenix Theatre Company is a Wolverhampton based community theatre company that aim to produce high quality Musical Theatre Productions. Embracing family values, Phoenix aims to create a Company that encourages all kinds of talent. Formed by a like-minded group of people, Phoenix Theatre display a wealth of theatrical expertise both on-stage and behind the scenes. The invaluable experience and knowledge showcased by the group’s founders ensures that Phoenix will 'rise to new heights' of popular entertainment.

Phoenix Members:

Now in to its third year of existence, Phoenix has built up a membership base that exceeds 100 people. These 100 people are made up of a large and talented pool of on-stage performers (cast) who are probably 60-70 in number. The other 30 + members are committee members and individuals who help with the general running and organisation of the company and provide the resource needed to put on such high quality performances for the benefit of the local community. Non-performing members cover all bases such as back stage workers, front of house, lighting, filming, sound engineers, child liaison officers, volunteers and general helpers, all of whom volunteer and dedicate their time to the company free of charge.

Members of All Ages:

As a local community group our membership base is extremely diverse. Ranging from children as young as 5 all the way through to the older generation who now rely on projects like this to provide an exciting hobby of interest post-retirement, we really do tick all the boxes. Our on-stage performers range from complete acting beginners to local amateur theatre veterans who have been performing on stage for many years, some frequently within lead roles. There is a solid foundation in place to cater for the younger generation of children below 16 and ensure the company provides a great platform even for those children with learning or behavioural difficulties. The aim is for the experienced off-stage founders of the company along with the professional production team to provide a community group that caters for all needs whilst ensuring that quality of each production is of the very highest standard.

Previous Productions:

Our previous productions include Oliver! in February 2013 and South Pacific in February 2014. Each show ran as a week-long production with 6 shows throughout the week. The standard of these shows was exceptional from top to bottom. The on stage performances were backed up by strong creative direction and a fabulous local theatre setting. Feedback on both shows was exceptional & we also received strong praise within the local press and armature theatre circles, with many commenting on the surprising quality of a show from a company still in its infancy. This has only been achieved thus far due to the fantastic support showed by all group members and volunteers. From back stage to front of house and every friend & family member who helped out at rehearsals along the way.

What do we need to from this project?

Next year we aim to grow and improve on this early success with our next production The King and I. Despite our early success it promises to throw many more challenges our way, especially with the increased cast numbers required. The knock consequence of this is the additional budget that is required to put the show on without passing these financial impactions onto our membership base, many of whom need their company to support them. As well as the logistical cost of having an even bigger membership base to deal with, the costs attached to putting each member on stage whilst ensuring the overall quality of the production does not suffer is considerable. We are requesting financial support to help us with our considerable costume budget so that we can continue to provide a cheap and affordable opportunity for local people to join together, demonstrate their talents and thrive.

Phoenix Theatre Company

Moment of Pride

We are extremely proud of this project because of all the people who make Phoenix the fantastic local community group that it is. From friends, family and volunteers, everyone freely gives up their time to ensure there is quality in everything we do and we are determined to continue this approach.

Location: Wolverhampton