Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Swansea Young Single Homeless Project worked together with young people of the community from ages 16-25 and an international artist Nick Holly to produce its first ever art exhibition entitled 'How Big Is Your Brave', which turned out to be a big success. The exhibition which was held in Swansea Grand Theatre and was covered by the local media, and local celebrities and influences with great reviews. From this exhibition two possible outcomes became evident:

1. Young persons wanted to write a short story book for children to raise money for SYSHP and the New Opportunities weekly programme.

2. Make original art pieces to sell to the public in an online shop to raise money for SYSHP plus the New Opportunities weekly programme.

'Project Once Upon A Time', which was named by the Young People who initially created the concept, produced many ideas for different stories and characters the most popular of which was 'Glam Ma'. We hope to be able to develop this exciting and original project to encourage Young People to give back to the community and to hopefully be able to develop work shops around storytelling within local libraries and schools. Part of the development of this project would be to invite local publishers with experience and knowledge of how to produce an illustrated children's book and the process of getting it published and making it a reality.

An integral part of this project is developing a SYSHP web based art shop in which our talented Young Persons can sell their original pieces to raise funds for SYSHP itself and the New Opportunites Programme. Working in partnership with students from a local college to design the online shop not only encourages Young People to give back, but also gives our Young People an experience of college life and hopefully encourages them to think about a future in further education. Once the online shop is created it would be run by the Young Persons who made the pieces being sold, all pieces would remain anonymous and only the total amount of pieces sold would be made known, not individual amounts, to eliminate any feelings of favouritism among the Young Persons.

Swansea Young Single Homeless Project

Moment of Pride

At SYSHP they do fun, they don't give up, they give second chances (third,fourth, fifth..), they are accepting, they are creative, silly and smart. They are honest, and they create opportunites for Young People to develop skills and knowledge in order to transcend into the adult world. We are SYSHP!

Location: Swansea