Community support

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


We are the Stamford Choral Society and together with Stamford Endowed Schools every three years we combine our choirs and celebrate the life of Sir Malcom Sargent by performing a concert in Peterborough Cathedral. The next concert is on 5th March 2016. The cost of this enterprise is considerable and is funded half by the school and half by the Stamford Choral Society choir. We wish to apply for £10,000 through the Community Support category.

Malcom Sargent spent his formative years in Stamford and was a pupil at the Stamford Endowed Schools. He became one of our great musicians and conductors and his appearance at the Proms was legendary. We feel that this should be celebrated.

The logistics in putting all the elements together for this occasion are challenging. What choral music is chosen if a great importance as we are involving the young people from school so it has to arouse their enthusiasm and commitment and give them pleasure. The music for this concert is to be Rossini's Messe Solennelle.

We are an enthusiastic amateur choir and fund all our concerts ourselves. Its costs include the hire of Peterborough Cathedral, music, fees for rehearsal venue, a professional rehearsal pianist, a Professional Musical Director and many miscellaneous expenses. The choir rehearses once a week and that in itself creates a great community spirit within the members. We work hard but have great fun.

A committee is formed to organise the Malcom Sargent concert. We employ a professional orchestra and professional soloists and aspire to perform to as high a standard as the orchestra and soloists we employ. We advertise the event on the radio and in the local press and also erect a banner in the town. We print and design our own tickets and programme with a full history of the event, translation of the choral work and an invitation for new members to join us in the choir. We enjoy a large audience in the Cathedral. This can be up to 600 many of whom are not regular concert attendees. Another positive in promoting choral music.

For the first few weeks the choirs rehearse separately. Once we join the pupils from the school the rehearsals take on a new energy with the voices of the young people added to our adult choir. Another benefit of joining together is that we become a choir of mixed ages and it becomes apparent the importance of school pupils joining together with men and women from the area. We begin to enjoy a togetherness and a fellowship between the generations is formed.

We take pride that we are able to encourage and promote the excitement and joy of music to these young people and hope they will take the experience with them as they go on to a life of their own.

Stamford Choral Society

Moment of Pride

Why us? Why fund a choir? Music is important in our lives. It builds friendships and a bond within all communities. We work hard to fund ourselves so an award from AVIVA would be brilliant. We strive to give delight and pleasure to those who attend and with your help we will continue to do so.

Location: Peterborough