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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Girl Guiding Haslington are trying to raise funds to purchase some new camping and cooking equipment as some of our current tents are getting a bit weathered and let the rain in, we all know its no fun camping without getting a touch wet but on occasions the Girl Guiding spirit can be dampened when you are indeed damp!

The Guides at the Haslington unit love to camp and have recently taken part in activities such as unit camps, week long international camps and as a special treat camped out at Alton Towers so our tents do get a lot of use. We would love some money to be able to buy some new tents and then all the Guides can come to camp, stay dry and put some of their Guiding skills and knowledge in action.

We actively encourage our Guides to take part in activities such as activity hikes and DofE, we currently have 3 Guides progressing well through the Bronze DofE. They are all looking forward to their practice expedition in May, with the Qualifiers being in July and October. The Bronze DofE entails a hike, carrying all of their equipment, camping and then finishing with a further hike the next day so they need to be able to cook their food, make hot drinks if its cold etc.. and for this they will be using a trangia, which is a small portable cooking device. Unfortunately we don't own any so they are having to borrow them off other units when they are free to allow them to practice, trangia cooking is a skill well learnt. We are raising funds to purchase some new trangia's so that the girls can practice with them before going on the expeditions so they are up to speed when needed.

We also borrow the trangia's so that all the Guides can have a go at cooking outside, a s'more is great when cooked over a tea light however its not quite the same as cooking a two course meal outside in the rain, wind and occasionally in the sun and yes one time we have even had a group cooking under an umbrella! Outdoor cooking goes ahead whatever the weather. Unfortunately we are unable to borrow enough trangia's for everyone to cook together so we have to spread the activity out over a couple of weeks and do it in small groups, the plan is to have a group 'ready steady cook' challenge to see how all the girls can come up with a fabulous meal from a few select ingredients once we have been able to purchase the trangia's.

Girl Guiding is such a wonderful organisation, it enables girls to meet in a safe environment where they can be themselves, they can push themselves to try things that they wouldn’t dream of doing, it provides girls with a voice and an inner confidence to stand up for what she believes in, to know what is right, to challenge themselves and others. We charge subs which covers the day to day running costs of the meetings, the annual subscription which includes the insurance, the hire of the hall and the activities we put on each and every week. Any thing else we have to charge for or raise money through fundraising, we run bingo evenings, hold bric a brac stalls and bag pack throughout the year, sometimes for other charities, other times to help fund events and activities, we just need that little bit extra to help us purchase some tents and trangia’s.

If we are successful in obtaining this money please rest assured that these new tents and trangia’s will be used for many years to come by hundreds of Guides from all walks of life, it will bring fun and excitement to girls who have never experienced the friendships and bonds that are formed when huddled together trying to keep warm round a campfire. A Girl Guide isn’t just a girl, she is someone that has purpose, focus and determination, she will lead the next generation, help play a part in that and use your vote on us.

Girl Guiding

Moment of Pride

I love Girl Guiding, the Guides in my unit are so confident and filled with a sense of purpose its an honour to say they belong in the Unit I assist in leading, the adults give up their own time as we are all volunteers, the girls, well they will do and try anything once - couldn't ask for more.

Location: Haslington