Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £5,001 to £10,000


As a result of some Awards for all funding YMCA Humber have been running a Detached Youth Work project in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire, which has seen us engage with in excess of 350 young people. The main aim of the project was to engage with the young people in the areas of the town where they collectively choose to meet up, for example street corners, playing fields, shopping centres and local woods.
Our youth team have developed during this time excellent relationships with the young people and now count a number of them amongst our volunteers. We have also developed excellent partnerships with Oasis Academy, the two local junior schools, Immingham Town Council and Ward Councillors, Humberside Fire & Rescue and Humberside Police, North East Lincolnshire Council's Troubled Families Team, a local enviromental group Greenheart and the main local community group Immingham One Voice.
The three main issues that young people identified were:
The lack of alternative youth activities in the town
The lack of a centre to meet in the evenings
The difficulties faced by young people transferring from junior school to the academy
Immingham is situated about 12 miles from the nearest town which offers the type of activities, facilities and support the young people deserve. Public transport out of the town is not frequent and to get to activities and support, young people need to change buses and obviously find the money to pay for bus fares.
We have managed to secure the use of the Academy’s sixth form common room in which to develop youth groups and activities. These activities will be delivered in line with the needs identified by young people instead of simply adults believing they know best what young people need.
We also intend to develop along with the academy a Transition Programme through the academy where young people and parents are helped to ensure that the difficult transition from junior school to the academy is facilitated and made better by the young people being introduced and integrated into the ethos and culture of a larger school over the year previous to them starting at the academy.
This will give the young people the confidence to make the large step from junior school into the challenging work of a main stream academy at the age of 11. Therefore better prepared to meet the demands that this move into main places upon them.
The project also wants to continue to provide detached youth work and activities as this method of working with young people is the clear way forward to engaging with young. We will carry this out by our detached youth workers continuing to build up the partnerships with all of the agencies in the town working with young people.
This will be achieved by YMCA Humber providing dedicated youth worker support and a new role of a dedicated youth apprentice out of its own funding. The funding we are asking for being used to fund sessional support hours within the youth meetings at the academy and to provide alternative and enjoyable alternative activities in line with their aspirations.

YMCA Humber

Moment of Pride

YMCA Humber are proud of our work with the young people. We have supported and engaged with many young people that other agencies told us were impossible to reach. Our approach of meeting and listening to them and delivering support and activities in line with their needs has delivered results

Location: Immingham