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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Norwich Spikers is a local volleyball club that looks to promote volleyball across the region. It aims to promote volleyball as a way of fun and fitness in the community but at the same also offering an outlet for people that want to play at a more competitive level.

We have sessions that cater for a wide range of ages (juniors through to Seniors) and a wide range of abilities absolute beginner through to Advanced. Our numbers have been growing and growing each year and we have a strong core base group of over 100 members

As part of our activities during the summer season we run outdoor volleyball sessions at Eaton Park. Anyone can attend and take part and experience the fun of playing volleyball and keeping fit. This year we are also planning to host our first Norwich Spikers Annual tournament in August.. This will allow teams from across the region and further afield to compete and take part in mens, womens and mixed competitions at different levels of ability

As part of these activities we are looking to purchase some new outdoor volleyball nets and some outdoor volleyball balls. The money from the community fund will help us to continue to promote volleyball in the community and just as importantly help promote the use of sport in general health and wellbeing. The cost of 2 nets and 2 sets of 6 balls is approximately £1000 pounds which is the funding we wish to apply for.

Norwich Spikers Volleyball club

Moment of Pride

as Chairman of this club I am proud at how we are reaching out to a wide range of the public and how we cater for a range of ages and abilities. What we are doing is not only promoting volleyball within the community but is helping bringing more and more people back into an active lifestyle.

Location: Norfolk, United Kingdom