Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


York Rescue Boat Charity was founded little over a year ago by David Benson, not only the founder and the chairman David also is the Director of Operations, Lead Coxswain and the Team Medic. He works along side a valuable team who work day and night to provide a physical and proactive commitment to furthering the safety of the rivers in York. As well as collecting valuable funding that keeps York Rescue Boat one hundred percent vigilant and operational during peak times in the city, York Rescue boat has been specifically designed entirely around the safety and needs of the public and to also provide a stand-by team that will respond as an auxiliary service to the 999 services in area’s of Search & Rescue and community flood assistance.

Last year alone four people died due to poor safety measures already in place along the river banks. York Rescue Boat has three main aims these are Community Interaction, this includes engaging with river users and advising on general river safety. Awareness - Volunteers will raise awareness of potential dangers that surround the river using various methods, such as providing leaflets, conversations and signage. We'll provide education to local schools colleges and universities of York. Riverside demonstrations and lectures will be held throughout the year about how to keep safe on and around water and what to do in a life or death situation.

Another aim of York Rescue Boat is cracking down on Anti Social Behaviour and Crime Reporting. CCTV is a valuable asset of ours but unfortunately not all footpaths are covered, with dimly lit locations that are hot spots for various violent and sexual assaults. Patrolling the river at the high risk times of the day and night we hope to achieve an alternative vantage point for the observation, deterrent and reporting of potential anti-social behaviour and crime.

The final aim for York Rescue Boat is assisting with vulnerable persons. York is a lively City filled with bars, clubs and licensed restaurants as well as multiple universities. These factors drastically increases the likelihood of drunk and vulnerable persons coming into close contact with the river edge. York Rescue Boat crews will assist the emergency service such as Police, Fire and Ambulance in searching for vulnerable persons in or along side the river. Fully qualified crew members will administer First Aid until further assistance is one scene either 999 services or Night Safe teams arrive.

York Rescue Boat

Moment of Pride

I am extremely proud of David Benson, the fund raising team and the operational team because with out all those people York Rescue Boat would cease to exists. York Rescue Boat's sole purpose is to serve the public and to preserve life! There's nothing more rewarding than keeping your community safe.

Location: York