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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Bollington Insurance is pleased to support Good News Family Care's Farm Skills Project. Their work provides assistance to a variety of people who have suffered turmoil in their lives; whether they have suffered domestic violence, addiction problems, or emotional issues, the charity is there to help build confidence and develop personally.

Here, the charity explains why funding is needed and how it will help to make a difference to the community they serve:

'Work on the farm has introduced me to a whole new possibility of future job opportunities and I am hopeful that I will be returning to employment' says S

‘I feel a million times better, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually’ says L

Please help more people to benefit from being on our farm. In 2014, 46 people came to the farm, in addition to our staff and volunteers, many of them arriving week after week, even in the cold winter weather. This opportunity can change lives.

Our horses are a great starting point for people for whom a farm is alien. It all may seem scary initially, but it is fascinating to get the chance to help look after the horses and even to learn to ride them. Once on our farm, people learn skills including horticulture, poultry care, care of animals, woodwork and other practical skills as well as horse riding. For people with few qualifications or whose lives are in turmoil, this can be life changing, renewing confidence and starting recovery. Reading and maths skills improve too as people use them in practical ways.

We need £5,000 to build a riding track around the edge of our land to allow people to ride “independently” while still safely within sight. At present riders ride out with our volunteer qualified riding instructor alongside them on nearby tracks and lanes. We will also build simple cross-country jumps so people who have been coming for a while can have a taster of this new sport. How much more confidence will independent riding instill?

The money will mean we can build a fence to separate the track from the rest of the field, prepare the ground and build small jumps – we will have lots of volunteer community help and will recycle materials as much as we can for the jumps. Making the jumps will be an opportunity for people to learn new skills for work as part of our wood work project.

We started our nursery and family centre 20 years ago in Buxton, Derbyshire and have run the farm for more than 14 years. Last year we acquired more land through friends, so now we have space for this riding track and have the confidence to develop it as we are not just renting our land. If we win funding, we want to build the riding track this year.

Overall, Good News Family Care provides:
• A Residential Family Centre for up to 6 mothers with young children, including emergency accommodation for women fleeing domestic abuse;
• Two Recovery Centres, Charis House and Oldfield Farm, for up to 8 women seeking to escape drug and alcohol addiction and other life controlling issues (with, when appropriate, their young children). We offer a combined range of interventions and a care plan customised to meet individual needs;
• An on-site Day Nursery;
• Land-based skills projects offering educational/practical and work skills at our farm, for residents (with transport and nursery care provided) and others, including those referred by Government agencies.

In 2014, 32 families stayed with us and in addition more than 30 involved in our community projects. Our work is highly valued by local Government but funding is always tight. We work with women through generations, helping break the cycle of deprivation and empowering women for change. We are one of very few drug/alcohol recovery centres offering places to women with their children.

Please vote for us to enable more men and women to enjoy our farm in new ways and to change their lives, building a better community for all of us.

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Good News Family Care (Homes) Limited

Moment of Pride

Changes in individual's lives, breaking the cycle of generations of deprivation; women who came to the family centre with their mothers as children now establishing strong long-lasting relationships, being active in our community and moving into employment. Our horses are key to this wonderful work.

Location: Buxton