Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Positive impact for young people
The wooden floor of our Scout Hall must be replaced this summer because it is showing signs of splitting and becoming unsafe. The hall is an important community facility for:

Three Scout sections.
The Marlow Opportunity Play Group (MOP)
The local community for fitness classes
Social events

The Scout Group has 66 members. Passionate about bringing out the best in young people, we help them gain new skills, self-confidence and develop friendships. This is particularly helpful during their teenage years. We are very active in the local community undertaking projects and supporting other organisations. This helps to instill a sense of respect and responsibility in our young people so that they become good members of the community. Margaret Amos, Wooburn Residence Association fete committee chairman said, “The Scouts were fantastic, their help and hard work before, during and after the village fete was terrific! Without them the event would not have been possible.” We are proud of our Scouts. They win lots of competitions and are well respected in the Scouting community. Above all we are about helping young people have fun!

MOP is a unique playgroup in Bucks offering a secure environment for 38 pre-school children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s syndrome, visual impairments and language delays. Whatever their personal challenges, each child’s individuality is valued and nurtured to help them achieve their potential. Funded mostly by donations and grants, and run by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers, MOP received an Ofsted outstanding judgment at its last inspection. Parents say “A truly fantastic playgroup, which gives parents and children with complex needs a sense of relief.” The new floor is essential to these children, many of whom cannot walk and spend time playing on the floor.

The hall is a popular facility for local fitness groups because of its easy access and off road parking. It is hired out every week to local groups offering fitness training sessions, aikido and kickboxing. These sessions are attended by an average of 75 local people per week.

The hall is available to the local community for parties and events.

“The Scouts are very active in the local community and MOP is one of only two special needs playgroups in the whole of Bucks. Anything that can be done to support the lives of the families and children who have been affected by disabilities and the incredible work that the teachers and volunteers do will get my vote.” Paul Finch Director MRIB Group

Longevity and sustainability
1st Wooburn Scout Group, one of the oldest in the country, has been running since 1910. We moved to our current location in 1960 and constructed the hall in 2001. We need a strong flexible floor. This project is a stand-alone project costing £12,000. We expect the new floor to last 20 years plus.

MOP has been operating for 30 years and moved to the Scout facility in 2011. It has particular requirements because the children have special needs. Many are not able to walk and spend time crawling and rolling on the floor. MOP is supportive of our project and application for funding.

The fitness groups need flooring that is robust and has some flexibility. We have reflected their needs in our specification and they are supportive of our project. Two more groups want to use the hall once we have a new floor.

Likelihood of success
The existing floor is made of soft wood, is showing signs of splitting and is becoming unsuitable. We will replace it with a hard wood floor that provides an appropriate surface for everyone. The old floor will be removed. A new 21mm hardwood floor will be installed and will be lacquered to make it more resistant to heavy use. We went out to tender and have identified a flooring contractor that can complete the work in just three weeks

We have raised £7,000. £5,000 from the ACF will mean that we can complete the project now.

Project Video

1st Wooburn Scouts

Moment of Pride

The kids are amazing! From those who struggle to even walk into the hall to those who can hike 50 miles. Their backgrounds and abilities are diverse but they share common space. We are proud of them and proud of the facility that gives them the opportunity to play, laugh and develop and grow.

Location: Wooburn, Wycombe District, United Kingdom