Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


The Not Forgotten Association (NFA) began in 1920 when an American soprano, Marta Cunningham, visited a London hospital to find that, two years after the Great War ending, there were still over 600 wounded servicemen in the hospital. She rallied her friends and began taking the servicemen to tea, and putting on concerts to provide entertainment. Ninety-five years later, the NFA is still supporting ex-servicemen and women by following the ideals that Marta put forward all those years ago.

The NFA is a small tri-service charity with only 7 members of staff who, with the help of volunteers and fundraisers, are able to positively impact the lives of around 10,000 beneficiaries each year, from all wars and conflicts. Until now, there has only been one NFA event held in Colchester, which was a huge success but highlighted the need for further support in our community.

Lark started working with NFA nearly three years ago when the stories of their tireless work captured the hearts of our board of directors. Our staff have thrown themselves into a variety of fundraising activities with commitment and enthusiasm. We are proud to have become a major sponsor for what is essentially a small charity, doing incredibly worthwhile work. With our office based in Colchester, a military town, we are only too aware of the need of support for the local veterans.

The need for more to be done regarding the wellbeing of ex-servicemen and women who have given so much is really evident in Colchester and for our proposal, in view of the strong presence from Help for Heroes for the younger generation of service and ex-service personel, we are focusing on our veterans. Therefore the proposal we are putting forward is to help Colchester veterans know they are not forgotten and provide much needed companionship and entertainment. With £5,000 funding from Aviva, we will be able to bring this support to our local community.

With the funding from Aviva, NFA would hold two events directly benefitting the lives of 400 ex-servicemen and women, which would also indirectly impact their family and friends by seeing the positive change in their loved one’s wellbeing. Around 150 veterans will be invited to a Christmas dinner held in Colchester. Christmas can be a lonely time of the year, older people can feel isolated particularly if they are not able to spend time with their loved ones. These dinners can mean a lot to people as it is a great opportunity to rekindle camaraderie that they miss from leaving the forces. The NFA has successfully held many events such as these in the past with overwhelmingly positive feedback being received, as they give people who may be feeling vulnerable or lonely a real boost where they can enjoy the much needed companionship of others who have been in similar situations.

This funding will also provide the opportunity to hold a spring time event, where the number of people who can attend will be increased. This event will be an evening of live war time music, set in a fantastic venue steeped in history and grandeur, Colchester Castle. The performance will entertain around 250 beneficiaries. The NFA have held similar events in other parts of the country, and these performers are renowned for interacting with the audience and making sure everyone has a brilliant time.

We hope these two events will form strong friendships for the veterans of our local community, which will lead to a long-term change in their wellbeing. The NFA improves the lives of the beneficiaries by attending events, as this gives them a sense of purpose and is something for the older generation to look forward to. It reiterates that these men and women, to whom we owe so much, are indeed not forgotten.

This charity benefits so many people who wholeheartedly deserve to be remembered, as it is hard to express in words just how important the work of this small charity is, please take a few moments to view our video by following the link below.

Project Video

The Not Forgotten Association

Moment of Pride

Lark are proud to be in association with NFA, for such a small charity they make a huge impact all over the UK and with this funding from Aviva we will be able to see the benefit in our community. The NFA ensures no ex-service man or woman is ever forgotten.

Location: Borough of Colchester, United Kingdom