Supporting the older generation

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Colwyn Bay Men’s Shed was formed in May 2014 and is an entirely voluntary project aimed at promoting men’s health and wellbeing through social interaction and practical activity.
The shed will comprise a communal activity workshop and an area for craft, computing and social activities where men come together to work on community projects.
It is well known that men often suffer from loneliness and, shorter, less meaningful lives after retirement, partly due to the lack of social interaction.
Many men lose their sense of purpose with a loss of work role, status, workmates, income etc.
We have recently acquired, a centrally located, to rent, large two bay, ex police, garage workshop, very much in need of refurbishment to meet the requirements of our members.
Through self funding, raffles, tea money etc. We have raised just short of £2000 but need another £5000 to complete our work. A number of members have already started the work.
At the moment, we meet every Friday morning in a local community centre with about 24/30 local members, but we plan to make the workshop facilities more accessible to all when it is complete.
It is free to attend the shed, in an effort to attract as many local residents as possible
A central workshop venue was essential to encourage local residents to attend by making access easier.
We aim for about 20/30 regulars, meeting three times a week
Colwyn Bay Men’s Shed will help improve the health and wellbeing of our members by providing a place where a man can interact with his peers in a safe and friendly environment.
The main focus of activity is whatever the ‘shedders’ want to do. i.e.
Horticulture/gardening Healthy Cooking
Joinery/Woodwork Recycling materials
Arts & Crafts Mechanics
Computers Chatting over a ‘cuppa’
Photography Model Railways etc.
The idea originated in Australia about 20 years ago, when men realised they could come together around practical tasks on a regular basis if there is a designated place or workshop where tools etc. and work in progress could be stored
There are currently just over two hundred Men’s Shed in the UK either already established or in the planning stage and the ‘Older People’s Commissioner for Wales’ acknowledges that Men’s Sheds are desperately needed in Wales with older men here being the loneliest people in the UK.


Moment of Pride

At our meetings, we have a great comrade among our members which includes several disabled men
and have deliberately not asked any 3rd tier organisation for support, as we want local volunteering members to be in control of what and when activities they want to do in the shed

Location: Colwyn Bay