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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000




As part of its holistic service offer to children with life-shortening conditions and their families, Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice has built up an impressive programme of planned trips out for children to a variety of attractions across Yorkshire, the North, and beyond. Most of the trips take place in the better weather, with a particular focus on the school summer holidays. They are offered to children on a free-of-charge basis.

Some of the children’s favourite day trips are to Cannon Hall Farm (Barnsley), Magna Science Adventure Centre (Rotherham), Stockeld Park adventure park (Wetherby), Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Wakefield), Sea Life Centre (Manchester Trafford Centre), and Blackpool.

The trips programme offers additional opportunities over and above those that families would typically be able to provide for their children, owing to the extraordinary challenges they face and associated constraints of time, energy, confidence, and money. This is especially so given that all the families face additional costs of caring for a child with very significant needs and many of them live in deprived areas, where family budgets are typically under pressure.

The trips reflect the hospice's ethos of making the most of life, having fun and enjoyment, and creating special memories to treasure. Last summer, one of the children declared that a trip to Blackpool “was the best day of my life”.

The hospice aims to make the summer 2015 trips programme bigger and better than ever, with some four trips out each week during the school holidays. The Aviva Broker Community Fund can help this to become a reality.

To date, the trips have been funded from their general resources, comprising a large number of generally small donations from community and corporate supporters, rather than from specific external funding. These general resources are increasingly under pressure, since growing numbers of children and families over time have meant additional investment in nursing, care, and therapy posts across the service. The hospice always wants to say yes to any family who needs them. We want Aviva to help ensure they can continue to say yes to children and families who want to enjoy lasting, memory-making, experiences for children and parents alike.


The six favourite day trips are costed below, at an average cost of £418 per trip.

TRIP staff(1) travel(2) entry(3) specials(4) TOTAL
Blackpool(5) 276 72 63 63 474
Cannon Hall Farm 276 16 48 48 388
Magna 276 30 54 54 414
Sea Life Centre M/cr 276 35 72 72 455
Stockeld Park 276 38 72 72 458
Yorkshire Sculpture Pk 276 13 15 15 319

Table notes:
(1) staff costs: based on 3 staff (mix of nurses/carers) inc driver - medical/general supervision & support for average 3 children
(2) travel costs: minibus 50p/mile return
(3) entry fees: 3 children, 3 adults
(4) specials: fees for specific individual/bespoke activities/wishes, photos for memory-making – estimated at same cost as entry fees
(5) Blackpool seafront & attractions – entry price based on Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


Our request to the Community Fund is for £5,000 to cover the full costs of a package of 12 top-notch trips during the 2015 summer holidays (£418 average cost x 12 = £5,016). This will bring about two main benefits:
(1) the sheer fun and enjoyment of the trips, along with special memories to treasure (for the children participating and also their families).
(2) the freeing-up of resources to invest in the required additional care/support posts (given continued growth), helping to support growing numbers of children and families when it matters most.

Forget Me Not Children's Hospice

Moment of Pride

It must be every parent’s worst nightmare to find out their child has a life limiting illness. In such emotional times Forget Me Not provide an incredible depth of practical and emotional support for children and families. The effort that all staff make to create happy times is unbelievable.

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