Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


Local residents have united to form a non profit community group called friends of pollys park. The land known as Pollys Park had become overgrown and disused. The current park facilities are very dated and rarely used. The overall feeling was that something needed to be done to improve the current situation. Meetings with the Local Authority and Local Councillors were arranged and the Community members were advised that due to the current economic climate and the Local Authority having to claw back 70 million + deficit then they did not have the finances to improve the facilities or provide labour force to attend to cut down the overgrowth. We were advised that we would form a friends group and began fundraising and with a community labour force set about to carry out the work ourselves. The overall aim is to improve the land, apparatus and to unite the community by getting them to utilise the facilities and land for recreational purposes once more. Providing a safe place to play, laugh, learn and explore. To encourage the wildlife with nature feeders and nature trails. Supplying a seating area, waste bins and dog pooping bins. We set up a facebook group page and have been updating and adding events to keep people up to date with relevant information. In addition to this we have set up a website and an email address for our group. We would like to improve community spirit and to extend social networks for local people. This will we hope improve the general, physical, mental and emotional well being of the community. We hope to capture all age groups and provide something for everyone.

We have hosted numerous action days on site where we have been litter picking, cutting back overgrowth, planting bulbs, landscaping, tackling hazardous environmental waste. In total our members have provided over 400 hours voluntarily to the improvement of the land. We have 56 adult members and 43 junior members. We aim to host family fun days promoting health and well being for our local community members. We want to provide enjoyment for all age groups by providing stimulating play equipment for children of all ages, natural habitat for wildlife, planting and growing spaces. Creative nature trails. It is anticipated that our project will increase social networks which will improve mental and emotional well being for people living in the area.

friends of pollys park

Moment of Pride

We have already seen an improvement in community spirit; local members have become enthusiastic in discussing the plans for the park. We have had an enormous response during our action days which has improved social links locally. We have united people of all ages.

Location: St Thomas