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Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Who are Melton Mencap?

Across Leicestershire and Rutland, Melton Mencap helps to support people with learning difficulties and their carers. Our hall was built in 1970 and is used every day, helping people of all ages with a learning disability – many also have impaired physical capability or dexterity.

We run a pre-school nursery Monday -Thursday and activities and clubs on most evenings and Saturdays. It is also let a few hours a week to outside users.

Changes to the way the government supports disabled people has seen the use of our Hall increase dramatically as local authority Day Care Centres have closed. More and more organisations like ours now assess the needs of disabled people on an individual basis and put in place appropriate help, support and provision for them.

Why we are applying for a Grant?

Our kitchen was last renovated over 25 years ago. It has served us well but it is now badly in need of renovation to bring it up to current standards and help us support those who we work with.

We would love to have a washing machine to provide a learning experience for people who are working towards supported independent living. The other kitchen activities also produce a steady stream of towels and tea towels that need to be washed.

As you'll see from our photos that food preparation and cooking are an important part of our support programmes.

Our existing sink has become damaged and requires replacement with a heavy gauge stainless steel type to cope with constant use and impaired motor skills of some service users.

We need new work surfaces that comply with current environmental health requirements.

What will it cost?

We have planned out the work that we need and our budget is £3,600. As well as the worktops, sink and washing machine the cost also includes some new kitchen units.

How quickly will the project be completed?

If successful all the work will be completed in the second half of 2015. No other funds have been applied for in relation to this project. Therefore, if we're successful we can start as soon as we receive the Grant and start making a difference.


Please help us to help those in our local community who have learning disabilities. Our kitchen is badly in need in of updating!

The phrase "new kitchen" doesn't come anywhere near explaining the difference that a grant from the Aviva Community Fund will make to Melton Mencap and the people we support.

Melton Mencap

Moment of Pride

My 8 year old son Freddie has special needs. He goes to Melton Mencap Saturday Club. When we see the help and support that Melton Mencap gives to people with learning disabilities we were amazed. They help people all ages to be the best that they can be. The new kitchen would make a big difference.

Location: Melton Mowbray