Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


In 2013 our football club had no youth teams at the younger ages groups u7/8/9 & 10s. Without the younger generation feeding up through the age groups it risks the future of the club, which has been established in our village for many years. In 2014 the club managed to get 6 volunteers to take on the coaching/managing responsibility for our younger age groups. They subsequently put out the request for players at the local primary school. The result was fantastic, in so much we had 2 u8 teams represented by year 2 and 3 pupils. An u10s team from year 4 and 5 pupils. Along side this we know have children from school years R and 1 training each Saturday. Both boys and girls are taking part, it is a real mix and to see their smiling faces each Saturday truly highlights the wonderful achievement so far. So the future of the club looks safer, but the potential for the club is being held back by lack of funds. There are many plans for the club, and we are cautious that we must take our time to ensure we maximise the potential the club has. We are very fortunate to own the freehold to our home ground. However it can only accommodate 1 full sized pitch and 2 smaller pitches for the younger age groups. Parking is limited also. Being in the country our current home ground is prone to the odd Rabbit burrow, and the ground being clayed based is prone to retaining water. These few factors mean it restricts some of our older age groups using the home facilities and have to rent pitches near by. The solution to these issues require larger investment, and we are currently brainstorming the best way forward here to raise the funds for either 3G pitch facilities, or for renting, buying additional land that borders our Home ground.

So where can the Aviva fund help us. Well in the short term there are many things we can do to improve the current facilities to make the experience better for our younger generation and also their parents who come to support them. We are blessed that the parents of the youngsters do not use the club as a 'babysitting' service, but stay to watch and support their children. Our football club brings our community together.

Our club house is is need of modernisation. Again this is a big project. However the £1000, if we were successful, would be spent on making improvements to this. We need cooking facilities as we try to provide catering each week for the Saturday training / games and this has to be done in parents homes and transported to the club. We also need to install french doors from the club house to the pitcher to make access easier. Additionally we would like to put in some decking and get some outside furniture to make it more pleasant for the parents who are there supporting their children. We will train each Saturday throughout the Summer so these facilities would be well used. So whilst £1000 would be stretched under normal circumstances to achieve these 3 items alone, we are lucky in that we have people within the club who can provide the labour for free. So our cost would just be on materials.

If we can achieve these 3 smaller items it would be the catalyst to prove the club has the ability to pull together as a community and achieve great things.

Headcorn Football Club

Moment of Pride

Post 2014 it has brought back a real sense of community at the club. To create an environment that is fit for our children to go out and enjoy themselves, out in the fresh air away from an iPad/ Xbox is worth more than money can buy. Our community will support us on our journey, that makes us proud

Location: Headcorn