Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000



We wish to purchase a Ford MINI-BUS to seat 20 disabled people at a cost of £25,000, adapted for wheelchairs, with signage on the Mini-Bus showing "AVIVA Community Fund" logo.

The Mini-Bus would provide transportation to all who are restricted by their wheelchair or mobility issues.

The AVIVA Fund would benefit immediately from the purchase of our Mini Bus, We have over 100 Clients and we could start taking them out straight away, people in the local community would see our bus, see the AVIVA Logo on the side and associate AVIVA with doing good things for disabled people!

We would also help other Disabled people (who are not necessarily clients of The Cube Disability), their parents/ carers / families and involve special needs schools / local groups for example - deaf group / toddlers / young carers and teenagers /older people.

We will advertise use of our bus at weekends through our social media and also the great existing links we have with local disability groups.

If the Mini Bus can transport 20 people a day, we can potentially help 140 people a week or over 7000 a year!

Where can we go with our new 'Wheels'?

Sports Centre .. Cinema .. Swimming Pool ...Football Matches ...Holidays.. Disco to name a few....the list is potentially endless!

The minibus would allow everybody to travel TOGETHER in an adapted and safe vehicle.

It would allow disability to be out in the Community, promote friendships, good health, laughter and stop social isolation/loneliness.

It's worth mentioning that we sponsor Northampton Saints (including players such as George North and Dom Waldouck), We also sponsor the Northants Steelbacks (Cricket) and it would be amazing for us to be able to take ALL of our clients down to watch a game! (something we are unable to do due to mobility and wheelchair transportation issues!) We are firm believers that disability and sport can go hand in hand and that with the right support everybody can be included regardless of disability. (Check out our AVIVA Community Fund video on Youtube)

We hope that through the use of this Mini-Bus

EVERYONE can go to the Leisure Centre
EVERYONE can go to Restaurant
EVERYONE can go to the Concert
EVERYONE can go to the Beach
EVERYONE can go to the Disco!
EVERYONE can go to the Match!


"Let's be in the Community!! Equal with our friend and families!!"


Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal

From Everybody at The Cube Disability!

Project Video


Moment of Pride

We are PROUD to come to work everyday.
We are PROUD of how happy our clients are whilst with us.
We are PROUD to be out in the Community with our Clients.
We are PROUD of both our reputation and relationships with the disabled community.
The Cube Disability are PROUD Supporters of Disability!

Location: Northamptonshire, United Kingdom