Community support

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Manchester Deaf Centre is the largest organisation in Greater Manchester that provides support to a wide range of people with sensory impairment. The centre is a popular place for D/deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing people to meet and socialise. Our information and Communication Service enables Deaf and hearing people to communicate in a wide variety of settings.

A Community Garden in our large and enclosed Courtyard would enable our Youth Group, 50+ Group, Deaf Active Volunteering Experience (D.A.V.E), Job Club members, and others who come to our centre, take part in nurturing and growing vegetables. Growing plants provide a wide variety of social, recreational, educational and environmental services, facilities and opportunities that are generated by and help meet local needs.

We would buy tubs/garden bags, soil, vegetables/seeds, water butt, composter, gardening tools, storage container, gardening gloves etc - everything to start off community garden. This would be open to all those to attend our centre - whether it be to water the plants or to tend to them. It would all be environmentally friendly and the vegetables can be used in our centre for catering purposes. It would be all about the deaf community getting together and getting involved together.

Manchester Deaf Centre

Moment of Pride

MDC is an active part of the local community and we are proud to support a range of community groups for deaf people, through fund and awareness raising activities. We focus heavily on building relationships with our groups, in order to achieve long lasting results from projects and campaigns.

Location: Manchester