Supporting the younger generation

Funding level: Up to £1,000


This project is written by the Explorer Scouts themselves.

We are Beccles Bears Explorer Scout Unit. There are 18 of us aged 14 to 18 and our numbers are increasing by the week. We are part of the World Wide Scouting movement but as a smaller Unit we have a problem, tents or lack of them! We are based in Beccles however we draw our members from far wider than this. Did we hear you groan? Scout, they have money. We don't and not all of our parents and carers can afford it so we help each other and work together to seek help.

We are a unique Unit as we welcome all, many young people join us because we are friendly. Let us explain by giving you an example! We were joined by an Explorer who got bullied in his Unit but he didn't want to leave Scouting. We encouraged him to join us, he did and has grown in confidence. Some girls who had never been in Scouting, they got to hear of our activities and they have joined us. We have had and still have young people who need extra support. So as we have said we are a friendly and growing Unit. Some of us also have alternative schooling because we cannot cope with big schools and we have difficulties. Families and behaviour can be a bit tricky but our Explorer Unit with our fantastic leaders helps us grow our talents, build our confidence and encourages us to try new activities. Some people would never let us use axes, shoot air rifles or whittle with knives but we are encouraged and shown how to do it safely. A lots of our skills are learnt outdoors so camping for us is really important and this is where you can assist us. We need new tents. Why?

We need new tents because we have more girls than ever, we have grown in number and recently had four young people join us, they now have friends who want to join. With new members who have never been in Scouting and camped our tents are 10 years old. They have seen too many camps to name. They have been to special camps where we have met with others but most of the time we camp locally as it is cheap and our parents and carers can get us there. On our last camp several of our tents died :( It was sad :( but a bit funny as in the night the little clips gave way and we woke up with the inner part of the tent on us. They cannot be repaired :( This now means we cannot all camp together as we don't have enough tents. We will miss being out in the open for weekends, learning new skills and building on friendships and being able to be us. Imagine a rainy day at camp, the smell of the air just after it has rained, you know the fresh smell you get; the birds are in the trees and as night comes in you sit by the fire sharing food and talking, yes, we are teenagers that talk, there is not phone signal but even if there is we talk. We learn from each other and the warmth from the fire makes it magical. These experiences change lives and prepare us for adult life as we have to think it through. It gives us a more exciting childhood!

Wow!! Now we have the opportunity for even more camping, with even more adventure and fun. We have been asked by our Leaders if we would like to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. Our old tents were definitely not suitable for this new adventure and opportunity. You would need a crane to carry them any distance.

So this is where the community grant comes in and our request for £1000. £1000 would mean we can buy 6 to 7 new tents that we can use. By buying the right sort of tents we will be able to continue camping and taking on the new challenges. We can't wait for new adventures, memories, but we need your help!

Beccles Bears Explorer Scout Unit

Moment of Pride

We are proud of our Unit as we accept any young person. At some points there have been more of us with difficulties than not. Our leaders are amazing, they are patient, teach us lots of new skills and make it easy for us to understand. They encourage us when things are difficult.
It's great

Location: Beccles