Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


This project is designed to offer a service to young people aged 16-25 years who have a severe disability. We have identified a need for young people leaving school to have a locally based day care center in a rural community. Presently there is no provider here in Worcestershire (apart from colleges) offering an age specific service.
We are re-acting to parents requests to set up this service because they are keen to see their children/young people in an age appropriate environment.
We would provide a varied programme of activities such as:- Woodwork sessions, arts & craft sessions, beauty therapy sessions, horticultural sessions, cookery sessions, independent living skills, trips into the local community linked to these themes. In time we would have animals such as therapy donkeys, chickens and possibly goats. It is well documented the therapeutic affect animals can have upon disabled young people.
This service would be open all year around Mon-Fri 9am/5pm. Trained staff will be available to offer support to the young people and outside practitioners will be used for specialist areas e.g. woodwork sessions.
We currently offer a daytime respite service to children aged 6-19 years during school holidays and on Saturdays. We have been open for 5 years now, growing the project from 3 families initially to some 93 families currently. We offer play opportunities to children and young people so that they can be truly part of their community. The Farm project would enable continuation of service provision to our current families when the leave school. We feel by offering a farm based community project we will enable families to stay together longer as the care provided will in a location reasonably near to where people live. We are currently working with a provider to see if we can rent some land, if we can, then the money we are now applying to yourselves for will be used to set up a building buy equipment and furnish our accommodation. All young people with a severe disability leave school with a personal budget so that they can pay for services they receive, we will charge for our service to ensure appropriate staff/young person ratio's (some may need 1:1 support) this will be our revenue stream going forward into the future. We have fund raised ourselves for this project as we firmly believe we should not just apply for grants but need to be seen to helping ourselves. We have, to date, in 6 months raised £3,000 towards our goal, this is existing staff fund raising on our behalf such is their belief in this new project.
If we were to be successful with this application, it would enable us to gain a building/equipment from which to operate. Our start target date is September 2015.

New Hope Worcestershire

Moment of Pride

My staff team's dedication to this project. They have all voluntarily fund raised to start the Farm project as they firmly believe in our young people and understand the needs of families to have a service when they leave school. Im proud of their caring nature and their dedication to the children.

Location: Worcestershire, United Kingdom