Community support

Funding level: £10,001 to £25,000


We became a UK registered charity on 9th June 2008 and we are striving in the community and growing in status. The scheme is delivering in aspects of Health & Lifestyle with sport and football at the heart of it all.
We are currently in the process of re-branding and want to promote ourselves more as being a charity, separate to being part of a football club. As a charity we cover four main themes which is governed by the Football League Trust; Sports Participation, Education, Health and Social Inclusion.
Over the years we as a charity have recognised the positive impact we currently have on the community, however we still are continuing to develop and expand our reach. With your help we are hoping to do so.
Inclusion for all is something we are constantly striving for and are very proud of the many links we have forged with local schools and the community. This is also something we plan to expand on. Hopefully by next year we aim to visit over 90 schools and to promote to them social responsibility and give support to those in need, in order that they have respect to their community and are encouraged to make a positive contribution to society.
Additionally we are also expanding on our fundraising events to help promote us as a charity and also to raise money so we can continue to make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people and vulnerable adults in Shropshire.

Current Projects

Bike Ride 25th April
Golf Day 22nd May
Question of Sport (date tbc)
Prostate Cancer Tournament 17th May

(All proceeds going towards Shrewsbury Town Community Sports Trust and also some being split between Hope House Children’s Hospice)

Project Video

Shrewsbury Town Community Sports Trust

Moment of Pride

All staff members have the enthusiasm to try their hardest to raise money for STCST and to educate the community on a healthy lifestyle.
The variety of programs we do is preformed to local schools, children with special needs and also the older generation (50+).
Without funds we can't do this

Location: Shrewsbury