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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Everybody loves a garden; flowers, fresh veg and a lovely place to sit in the sun. But not everybody has access to a garden which they can call their own and grow things in. This is where our group comes in. Since 1952 City Road Gardens and Allotments Association has been making a positive impact in our local community, providing plots to anybody who wants to give gardening a go. Currently we have 68 separate plots which are rented out to members. Years ago it was old men who would spend all day down the allotment – probably to get away from the wife but now our members are families, students, working and unemployed people, with a few oldies still around. We are situated in the West End of Dundee, half way up a hill and surrounded by Victorian tenement flats, a 1960’s council estate and new builds. Our members come from all over Dundee as well as the local area and even some from much further away as the University of Dundee is just down the road.
Since the recession we have noticed an increase in our waiting list and we have split some of our larger plots to try to help even more people. We know that it is important that we foster a good community spirit in our allotment and the local area. Once a year we hold an Open Day for anybody to come in and have a look around the gardens, buy fresh produce , try their luck in our raffle and enjoy a wee cup of tea in the hut. Our gate and hut is also open and manned by volunteers for an hour every Saturday and Sunday for people to pop in an ask question. Latterly we have started a Facebook page for members so that we can ask questions and share our knowledge and we are hoping to set up a webpage so that more people can Google and find out about us.
So what do we need the funds for? It sounds like everything is rosy in the garden.
We need the funds to help us and Mother Nature. The water supply to our hut is on the same piping system as the taps around the plots. This means that each year between November and April the water is switched off. We need to do this to protect the pipes from freezing and bursting over winter but it also means that the toilet needs to be locked and we can’t open the hut for members to have a cuppa and a chat. Last year we have been using the hut more at the weekend for members’ events and we had a lovely harvest celebration when we shared produce and a meal. It would be lovely if we could extend these ‘get togethers’ throughout the whole year but without running water and a toilet this isn't currently possible.
With an Aviva Community Fund Award we would be able to separate the water supply, isolating the pipes to the hut and toilet which will mean that running water will be available all year around. We have a quote of just over £1200 for the job, so an Aviva Community Fund Award of £1000 would mean that we could get the hut usable all year round. It may seem like a simple and small thing to do but it will make a huge difference to our community of members.

City Road Gardens and Allotments Association

Moment of Pride

I love having my allotment in City Road. It is a wonderful, friendly place in the middle of the city. The small changes to the water facilities will mean that everybody can make much more use of our hut all year round. A nice warm cup of tea available on a cold winter’s day will be a wonderful.

Location: Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom