Health, disability & well-being

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies will help children and young people with a disability learn about healthy eating and gain food preparation skills. Cooking is an important independent living skill, and the project will support high needs young people to learn in a safe, supported environment.

Obesity within disabled young people is at an all-time high. Poor nutrition coupled with low mobility contributes to high rates of disease. Often, children and young people are unaware of the impact of their food choices on how they feel, and whether or not they are physically well. Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies will tackle this by educating young people about healthy food choices and providing them with the skills to ensure they can eat healthily, safely and well.

Participants will learn about the benefits of a healthy diet; understanding the impact that a diet high in fat, salt and sugar has on health. The project will Increase cooking skills, help young people with a disability discover and try new recipes, implement food hygiene, and appreciate the bonding aspects of cooking and eating together.

The Healthy Food, Healthy Bodies project will aim to have a lifelong effect on the eating habits of young people with a disability. Any positive changes in terms of reduction of salt, fat or sugar will have a direct impact on their health and benefit their quality of life. Success will be measure through a post-project follow-up survey which, compared with a baseline survey, will measure changes in eating habits, skill levels, and healthy living.

Since the project is aimed at high-needs young people, there are a range of risks to consider including challenging behaviours and high-level medical needs. Fully trained and qualified disability support staff will work at all project sessions, and high-needs young people requiring one-to-one support will have it. Due to the low mobility of many participants, transport to and from the project will be provided.

The Huddleston Centre

Moment of Pride

The Huddleston Centre has been delivering services to children and their families in the London Borough of Hackney for over 30 years. The Centre is a highly respected part of the local community, providing critical opportunities for young people with a disability.

Location: London Borough of Hackney, United Kingdom