Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Towerbank Primary School is the largest primary school by roll in Edinburgh with 730 pupils, making it the 10th biggest in Scotland out of 2,030 primaries. Being such a large school brings many challenges, not least the amount of space within the building. In order to accommodate the increasing pupil roll and the needs of families making Portobello home, the school has continued to grow and expand over recent years and there hasn’t been space for a school library.

A welcoming, accessible library filled with fantastic, well displayed and organised books is an important resource for pupils and teachers and that’s why one of key developments on the Towerbank Improvement Plan this year is to establish a new school library.

The school wants to create a place that children will love to visit, with shelves of lovely books to be read and borrowed, in a welcoming, engaging and inclusive space. The library will enable the school to incorporate books, reading and library visits into everyday school life with children actively involved in its management.

In terms of complexity and disadvantage, 18% of the school children at Towerbank live in deciles 1-4 of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation. A school library will ensure that all pupils at the school have access to quality reading materials that support their individual reading and writing goals. Engaging pupils in literacy and opening up opportunities to access the incredible world of books and reading creates a critical skill for life.

The school has lots of ideas for making the most of the library including pupil involvement, events, a book group, storytelling and a book blog – the Towerbank School Library will become an exciting and important part of school life.

The school really is starting from scratch with the creation of a library - it needs shelves, decoration, books, furniture and everything else that makes a library a great space to be in. Winning a grant from the Aviva Community Fund would be a fantastic start. This new library would offer so many exciting opportunities to our children and we really hope that you are able to support our exciting project.

Towerbank Parent Group

I am extremely proud of the Towerbank Parent Group. These volunteers work incredibly hard to listen to the views of the whole school community, represent every family, deliver improvements, raise funds, run events and support the school vision.

Location: Wilson's Park, Edinburgh, United Kingdom