Skills for life

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Thomson House School opened its doors in South West London in 2013 with 48 children and two teachers. We are now a flourishing primary school ranked outstanding by OFSTED, with five year groups of children and an ever-expanding team of talented and dedicated staff who strive for the very best outcomes for our pupils.

Lying at the centre of our school ethos is a commitment to developing links and building relationships with our local community. Our unique Richmond Award Scheme actively promotes an increasing awareness of and commitment to the wider community beyond the school gates. Our pupils take on a range of tasks to develop their understanding of service to their immediate school community, family and local groups and the wider world. When our oldest pupils reach years 5 and 6 our vision is for them to be engaged in a range of projects which will not only give them life-long skills but benefit a variety of local groups.

This academic year our school expanded into its Key Stage 2 site freeing up much needed space for a multi-purpose teaching and intervention room, meeting space and school library. Our vision for this space is not only to provide a much needed facility for our 260 pupils to develop additional skills for life (digital, communication, musical, physical) but to use it to the benefit our future pupils and countless members of our wider local community for years to come: Inviting pre-school children in for a story session, enabling school families with no computer access at home to use the internet for homework, or serving cups of tea to senior citizens while they listen to a music recital are all on the wish list. Quite a lot to ask from one room.

We face challenging times with ever decreasing budgets being juggled against ever increasing expectations and demands on those funds. In order to do justice to this project and to fulfil our dream for this space we are submitting this entry to the Aviva Community Fund. Kitting out this room with two computers, shelving and books appropriate for younger children, flexible and multipurpose furniture which can be utilised in a range of ways, would enable us to move forward with our plans to embed our school in the heart of the local community for years to come.

Friends of Thomson House

Our flourishing school is at the heart of a wonderful community. Since we opened local residents, traders and businesses have supported us in many ways. We are so grateful for this and proud to be part of it now and in the future.

Location: 27 Sheen Lane, London SW14 8HY, United Kingdom