Health and wellbeing

Funding level: £1,001 to £5,000


Yaxham Primary School is a small rural school in a village in the middle of Norfolk.
The school is in dire need of new playground equipment, their current equipment is in such an unusable state that it is taped off, and not accessible to the children.

Funds are desperately needed to replace the damaged and broken play equipment in order to help the young children become more active in the playground across all of the age groups. The school is keen to encourage healthy and active play outdoors in order to support the health and wellbeing of the whole school community.

The Friends of Yaxham School (FOYS) work tirelessly throughout the year raising money for things that the school desperately needs including laptops and iPads to be used in the classroom. This means that fundraising has concentrated on the urgent day to day needs within the classroom, and therefore raising enough money for the play equipment has become thus far an unachievable aspiration.

The school would like to buy the following equipment to replace the existing unsafe equipment: – Ape Crossing (£1025), Swinging Steps (£1225), Burma Bridge (£1400) and Low Traversing Net (£1150), which comes to £4800.

The children would be delighted if the school could win some funding from AVIVA in order to replace their play equipment so that they can be rewarded for all of the hard work they do during lessons by having a great outdoor place that they can play and learn.

Please AVIVA, help make our children's time at school more fun and rewarding at break times!

Friends of Yaxham School

Yaxham School is an inclusive, friendly, small village school where everyone looks out for each other. As a committee, we are proud to be able to help the school, and would desperately LOVE to give the children somewhere amazing to play and exercise at breaktimes!

Location: Yaxham