Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


The Foundation Stage Playground at Gosbecks Primary School is in need of a big revamp. Over the summer the old steps were taken down, as they were no longer safe to use. This has left a big space that we want to redesign to create interesting outside learning opportunities for our foundation stage pupils.
Young children learn so much from physical play. We want to create a growing area for them and purchase equipment such as large outside play blocks. Please vote for our project to develop and equip the foundation stage playground.

Gosbecks Primary School Parent Teacher Association

I am proud to be supporting the redevelopment of the playground. The space isn’t being used as well as it could, and new outside play equipment will make school more fun for our youngest pupils, as well as giving them more different ways to learn.

Location: Owen Ward Close, Colchester, United Kingdom