Community support

Funding level: Up to £1,000


ACC is an established cricket club which has in recent years, under the stewardship of Mark & Nicola Rudd, opened it's doors to promote junior cricket in the North Leeds area.

In a short space of time and due to the hard work of committed volunteers numbers of children have increased to the extent that funds are now required to secure the services of professionals who can provide the training and facilities for the ever growing number of young cricketers.

Funding would assist with the cost of winter net training, help purchase new equipment, and help subsidise summer coaching courses/training schools.
Several young players have shown real promise and have gone on to undertake trials for the "Taverner's" which is an opportunity to train and compete against talent throughout the local area and a number of U13's representing their school recently won a County competition.

Alwoodley junior cricket currently helps 100+ children from all different types of social and ethnic backgrounds to mix and play sport together. The nature of sport helps teach the children important social skills such as team work, trust, and respect.

The success of the club presently rests on the shoulders of several key individuals who give up their free time, expense and resource to make sure fixtures happen, training happens, and everything else that is needed to run a successful team.
Financial assistance and support would help bring in much needed additional support to further promote the club.

Alwoodley Cricket Club U13

The enthusiasm, drive and commitment shown by Nicola and Mark Rudd is infectious. The popularity of the club and the increase in children numbers now means they do need extra help and can no longer rely on ad-hoc help. Their vision and the opportunities given to the children makes me very proud.

Location: Alwoodley, Leeds, United Kingdom