Health and wellbeing

Funding level: Up to £1,000


Davina's Ark will run 3 Recovery Education Programmes. These programmes will be structured over 7 weeks, 3 hours per session. The programmes will take place in our head office in Newry City.

The beneficiaries of the programme will be families and younger people who are personally affected by addiction and psychological trauma.

These programmes help families and younger people to understand the impact, effects and their own needs. It makes changes to help them cope, develop and grow in their own lives. It strengthens their own recovery plan. We believe that families are the silent majority of those negatively impacted by addiction. These programmes encourages them to be proactive in looking after their own mental health.

These programmes will educate the young people about the impact and effects of psychological trauma and addiction. It is aimed at improving emotional well-being and a reduction in the use of alcohol/drugs as a coping strategy for issues at home. Their experience of living with a family member affected and strategies on how to cope. It builds self-esteem and self-worth, builds bridges and brings about positive change. They feel very isolated from their peers and are under-performing and many have contemplated suicide.

This work is required to address the wider societal impact of addiction on individuals and their family members. It is important to engage with the wider community support structures to reduce health inequalities an address the low educational attainment levels among children affected by parental addiction.

From past programmes families and young people have benefited enormously from learning all about addiction and psychological trauma.

Davina's Ark

We are addressing the needs of people who have an addiction and are using our services as a road to recovery. Our own research indicates that approximately 90% of individuals felt more motivated and confident about looking after their mental well-being as a result of attending our Programmes.

Location: Newry