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Funding level: Up to £1,000


Diss Athletics Club has been run by dedicated volunteers for 65 years. The club provides people in the local community with the opportunity to improve their fitness, grow in confidence, try a variety of disciplines and compete at local to national level if they wish. The club welcomes people from 8 years old upwards and athletes are encouraged and supported regardless of their ability and their own personal goals.

To make the club accessible to the whole community the training fees are extremely low and therefore there is very little money left after paying the local council for the hire of the sports ground to spend on essential equipment. Although we are a small club, coaching is available for all throwing, jumping and running disciplines but in order to make all of these disciplines accessible to the athletes the correct equipment is essential especially if they wish to pursue a competitive route. For throwing events each discipline requires different weighted equipment dependant on the age of the athlete. For track training, various equipment is essential for use in training drills that help improve technique, stamina, and speed.

Over the last few years our athletes have been taking part in indoor events over the winter months. Indoor events differ greatly from outdoor events and are an excellent way of getting young people competing whilst having fun and making friends from other clubs. Turbo javelins, speed bounce, long jump, triple jump and sprints are some of the events that take place. In order for us to help the athletes enjoy and prepare for indoor events we require the relevant equipment for them to practice with and build their confidence before taking part in the very popular Sportshall events.

Many thanks from all at Diss Athletics club for your consideration of our request.

Diss and District Athletics Club

Our coaches are dedicated, enthusiastic and selfless. Their own love of the different events spills over in their coaching, they want each person to achieve, whatever their goal, to run a bit faster, throw a bit further, jump a bit higher and for their confidence to soar.

Location: Diss